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Online Casino Bonus Guide for Australians 2023

When it comes to online gambling, it’s the casino bonuses that keep players interested and persuade them to choose an online casino. Also when it comes to recurring casino promotions, players will be pleased to be treated to recurring bonuses (loyalty bonus). But where can you find an attractive casino bonus? How much do you receive as a new player? And not unimportant at all, why does an online casino give this away? On this page we will discuss everything about this subject. The Orb discusses what types to expect and where to find the best casino bonuses.

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What are casino bonuses?

Online casinos want players to return to their websites repeatedly. A casino bonus can provide this. Casino bonuses are in fact a reward to the players because they have chosen the casino in question. By offering extra play credit, free spins, fun actions or gadgets and sometimes even being able to win a car or plane it will keep it attractive for the player.

More and more online casinos are being set up due to the constantly growing popularity of online gambling. While previously the Australian gambler preferred to go to local casino or arcade to gamble, more and more gamblers are staying at home. This is because almost everything will be available in no time at all. Just a few clicks on the mouse and you’re playing your favorite game.

Why do I get a casino bonus?

As mentioned above, the popularity of online gambling is constantly growing. This also increases the competition for the casino operator. They need to come up with something attractive that distinguishes them from other operators. Sometimes it can be a no deposit bonus (you don’t have to deposit money for it) or another one chooses to offer a full welcome package to new potential players. A welcome pack means that you can make several deposits and get extra money from the online casino.

So a casino gives you a casino bonus to lure you to their website. Because they also offer the possibility to test their casino games for free, so you can explore the casino. The available license should also make you feel confident. Please keep in mind that there are always bonus conditions attached to a bonus. You need to unlock a x number of them by betting money on the casino games. The amount of unlocking will depend on the bonus you have benefited from.

best deposit bonus Australia

The first bonus you receive from a casino is the most obvious one. It will catch the eye of the casino players. It is called the welcome bonus or deposit bonus. Most casinos will only offer it to newly registered players after a deposit has been made. The amount should encourage players to deposit money and the amount varies from one online casino to another.

The underlying idea remains the same. The casino wants you to stay! The most common casino bonus is a 100% match-up. Players will see their first deposit doubled to a certain amount. But it can also happen that casinos give a 50% match-up. Do you deposit 25 dollars? Then you will receive half of the deposit as a gift. In this case, 12.50 dollars for free and you can play with 37.50 dollars.

Types of casino bonuses

Nowadays, more and more types of casino bonuses can be found in online casinos. You can’t think of anything like it, or they’ll offer it to you. The rewards are getting higher and higher and more fun casino promotions are being organized. Below is a brief description of the most common casino bonuses.

Welcome bonus

The welcome bonus will be available for new players making their first deposit. The amount is often higher than other bonuses in the online casino. Not only do you receive free money, but there are also free spins waiting for you. The number of spins or the amount of money will be determined in advance by the casino itself. Often, by reading casino reviews, you can already find out what the amount of a welcome bonus is, as it is always clearly indicated. After all, it’s the key to attracting players!

First Deposit bonus

Have you used the welcome bonus yet? When you make a first and subsequent deposits and receive extra money, this is called a deposit bonus. It is one that often comes back for the loyal players. Always look carefully to see if there are more deposit bonuses offered in an online casino instead of haphazardly gambling at a casino.

Referring friends

In many industries, word-of-mouth advertising can work well. For this reason, online casinos have allowed players to refer friends. They want to let you know that everyone is welcome. What is also important is that the regular customers with a good experience tell their story to other friends. A referral program will ensure that if you refer a friend, you will benefit from an extra bonus. However, your friend will have to make a deposit in order for you to qualify.

Free Spins

For the pokies enthusiasts there will be free spins available. This type of casino bonuses are the most popular after the welcome bonus. Players can use the free spins on a specific video slot (determined by the casino) and do not have to deposit their own money. After all free spins have been completed, the amount won is checked and added to the balance. Afterwards, it is possible to use the winnings on other pokies or casino games.

Highroller bonus

Set aside for the big whales, the highroller bonus. It is a bonus that is often higher than others. The mediocre gamblers can’t use it. This requires a higher deposit. To take advantage of highroller bonuses, we recommend that you first contact customer service. Often the reputable online casinos will make a nice deal if you plan to deposit high amounts of money into your player account more often.

Welcome package

A welcome pack is basically the welcome bonus, only now you will receive the casino bonus in several parts. Online casinos choose this option to allow players to make multiple deposits. Often, more percentage will be given away on the second or third deposit, making it more attractive for the player. A second, third or fourth deposit will also often include free spins.

Cashback bonus

Cashback bonus literally means ‘money back bonus’. If you have lost money in an online casino and they offer you a cashback bonus, they will refund part of the lost amount to your player account. If you often deposit money or play with large amounts of money, we recommend that you choose a casino with many cashback bonuses. Each operator is different and one is more generous than the other. Always take a good look around before choosing a casino.

casino bonus

No deposit bonus

Perhaps the most popular bonus among beginners is the bonus without deposit. Players only need to register an account and receive free money or free spins right away. An online casino offers this bonus to introduce you to their gaming environment free of charge. Experience the atmosphere and the excitement of the casino games. Afterwards you can always decide if you want to play with real money.

With the casino bonus without deposit it is possible to win money, but easy is different. There are round play conditions attached to it, which means you have to unlock this bonus before you can pay it out. Often you won’t win anything in the end, but some players have won large amounts of money by taking advantage of a similar bonus.

What do I need to watch out for?

There are a number of things to keep in mind when choosing casino bonuses. We have a number of tips and tricks waiting for you so that you can take maximum advantage of a casino bonus. Whether you’re playing for the first time or have already played at many online casinos, the tips below will help you get the most out of it.

  • Read terms & conditions

Before visiting an online casino, it is important that you read the terms & conditions carefully. These may contain information about the casino bonuses you receive. How often should a bonus be unlocked or what rules apply to the country you play in? Also, the bonus terms for temporary promotions may differ from the terms & conditions on the website. So make sure you always take a good look before you start using a bonus to avoid any surprises.

  • Check wagering requirements

The wagering requirements of a casino bonus are very important. It will be one of the first steps you need to take when using a bonus in online casinos. A good suggestion for wagering a bonus is 30x or 35x. Are the casino’s requirements higher? Then we recommend that you ignore these casinos.

  • See on which games the bonus can be unlocked

Before you start depositing money, it’s a good idea to know which casino game you’re going to play with the bonus. But what you need to know is that not every game contributes equally to unlocking a bonus. For example, table games or video poker will often be lower than the pokies. On video pokies, a bonus of 100% is unlocked, while on table games it’s often as high as 10%. So it will be much more difficult to unlock the bonus on games such as roulette, blackjack, and so on.

  • Drop the bonus after winning a big prize

Many online casinos will allow players to play with their own money first instead of the casino bonus. For example, if you deposit 100 dollars and receive 100 dollars, then you have 200 dollars in your account. The bonus amount is then often shown separately on a different balance. Do you win a large amount of money with the first 100 dollars (your own money)? Try to contact customer service if they want to cancel your bonus. Paying out the won money will then be possible and unlocking it is not required.

Mobile Signup Casino Bonus Australia

A decade ago, it was impossible to know how much impact mobile devices would have. Today, everyone has a smartphone. Online casinos also had to keep up with the times and ensure that people could gamble on their mobile devices. Fortunately, there are plenty of casinos today that offer a no deposit casino bonus on their mobile platform. The mobile user can also benefit from the available casino bonuses. A bonus for a mobile casino is just as easy to obtain as playing from behind your desktop.

Best casino bonuses

The Orb only searched for the best casino bonuses for you. Our experts have a lot of affinity with online gambling and can introduce you to the biggest names in the gambling industry. They want to maintain their good reputation and therefore offer players very attractive bonuses. We have partnered with them to offer you exclusive bonuses. Check out our rated casinos and get the best casino bonus on top of an initial deposit.

Questions about bonuses in casinos

Online casinos like to tempt with special offers to win new guests and players. These special offers are generally bonuses, discounts and/or contests. Bonuses come in different forms – welcome bonuses, reload bonuses, loyalty bonuses, instant bonuses and more. Find out what all this means in this section.

What is a welcome bonus?

Usually online casinos offer their new players a welcome bonus to win them over as customers for their business. Unfortunately, you can only get this bonus once at the casino. To avoid unpleasant surprises and disappointments, we recommend that you check the terms and conditions of this bonus before signing up.

What is a No Deposit or Free Money Bonus?

A No Deposit Bonus is also known as a Free Money Bonus and one you usually get when you sign up. In this case you don’t have to make a first deposit to play directly for real money. Nevertheless, if you are interested in this type of bonus, you should still consider the small print, as the No Deposit Bonus usually entails rather hard sales conditions and payout limits. Therefore, even if the No Deposit Bonus looks super attractive at first glance, you should always be on your guard before the No Deposit Bonus and be aware of the deal you are making.

What is a deposit Match Bonus?

A match bonus is one with which the online casino matches your deposit with a fixed percentage. However, most online casinos have a limit on how much you can match. For example: Your deposit is 100 Euro and the bonus match is 400%, then you get 400$ as bonus money (but only up to a certain deposit amount).

What is a Sticky Bonus?

A so-called sticky bonus is one that can be used to place bets in casino games, but which cannot be paid out in principle. In general, the advantage of a Sticky Bonus over a regular bonus is that you can start playing immediately – even before you make a deposit on this site. Once you have successfully met the wagering requirements, you can withdraw your winnings from your account. But note: the initial amount you got for playing, the Sticky Bonus, will disappear from your account (only the winnings or in the worst case the losses – nothing of it – remain!).

What is a Loyalty Bonus?

The loyalty bonus is a completely different matter than the previous bonus types. Normally, these bonuses only end up with the casino’s loyal customers, who are always guests in the same house with the greatest continuity – for months or even years! You’ll most likely encounter the loyalty bonus in the form of a monthly match bonus, which is probably very similar to the original welcome bonus.

How do I get the best casino bonus?

Provided you’re interested in online gambling, you’ll want to find the best bonus. But getting the best bonus always depends on a number of factors. These include, of course, the amount you would like to deposit and the percentage your deposit will be rewarded with, but also how loyal you have been to the casino so far.

best bonus Australia

If you are a very young beginner in the digital gaming world, let us help you find the right offer for you. Our team of experts, writers and journalists have compiled a list of the best online casinos, which in turn provide the best casino bonuses. Check out our Bonus Casinos and Exclusive Bonus pages to find out more. If you really don’t have the time, just read on to get at least a rough overview of the different types of discounts.

How can I maximize my casino bonus?

In order to get the most out of your casino bonus, you need to consider two essential factors: the small print in the user and contract terms that define the bonus, and of course the starting amount you use to deposit at the casino first. If you’re a High Roller, you’ll easily maximize your bonus with more money – however, casinos usually have a limit on the amount of the bonus. So if you’re planning on making a big deposit at the online casino, check the wagering and bonus terms first and see if it’s worth it.

But that’s something you should do in principle, our experts say, because sometimes the bonus is not worth it at all, because the right games are not offered or these are not evaluated in the draw for the bonus. If you want to calculate your bonus, you can do so with the help of our Bonus Calculator. Looking for the best bonus? Then you’ve come to the right place at The Orb, because we’ve already searched the Internet for the best discounts and offers in the online casino. Here’s a little tip: if you sign up through our site, you can get an even bigger and better bonus than those that are available (or that the casino offers directly).

Which casinos have the best bonuses?

We have compiled an extensive list of the casinos tested and sorted them by bonuses. Here you can select the best casino with the best and most meaningful bonus.

When can I withdraw my bonus money?

Most of the time you will be able to withdraw your bonus money when you have made a real money deposit to your player account. You’ll find that most of the time you only get the bonus money on certain terms, and that it depends on a number of factors, such as: the amount of money you deposit; the match percentage the casino offers; and the amount you can get at all (since most casinos set a limit on the amount of bonus money you can get).

For example: If a casino gives a 100% bonus match on a deposit below 2,500 dollars, and you deposit 100$, then you effectively get 200$ to play with in that casino.

But keep in mind that you can only play with the money in this casino and cannot withdraw the bonus money until you meet the wagering requirements! This means that you must make a certain amount of wagers on certain games within a certain period of time in order to cash out the bonus. Each casino is different and unique, so you will need to read our reviews carefully or check the terms and conditions on the rebates so you don’t miss your chance to win big!