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The Orb’s Guide To Free Spins 2022

An increasingly popular form of casino bonus in Australia are free spins. As the name suggests, these are free spins on popular pokie machines. A Free spin is one of the most popular types of bonuses in online casinos, along with the classic deposit bonus and the no deposit bonus. Free spins are especially interesting for new players. You can get to know the online casino without any risk and have the chance to win without making a deposit. Free spins as bonuses are designed for pokie games.

Free spins no deposit Australia 2022

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Casino players who prefer to play on pokie machines, we recommend the following overview for free spins without deposit or free spins with deposit.

The casino bonus with no deposit is on every player’s lips on the internet in the truest sense of the word. Over the past few months it has become very clear that online casinos have gained in importance as a form of bonus for free spins. free spins are available in various forms and versions. Some users receive a bonus without a deposit, i.e. a no-deposit offer. Often, however, a certain personal contribution must be made in advance. In addition, there are different variants of the spins, from the simple free game to the so-called mega free spins. The general conditions for the free spins are also very, very different.

In the test, we took a closer look at the online casino free spins for you. We have worked out relevant designs, rules and conditions. Furthermore, we garnish the free game offers with some practical examples.

How do you secure the free play bonus?

If you are interested in online casinos and plan to open a player account, you should inform yourself in advance about the corresponding bonus offers. Especially in the area of free games, there are almost daily new promotions that can be worthwhile for you. Please also note the small print. Freespins are another kind of bonus.

Any bonus actions are subject to certain conditions they must keep around themselves the bonus amount – in this case free games – free of charge to be able to be paid out. The bonus conditions can be seen on the website of every online casino provider mostly at the bottom of the footer.

The classic bonus types of any online casino can be divided into two variants. The bonus you get with your first deposit and a bonus without any deposit. This also applies to free games. Some online casinos offer you up to 100 free spins – but only if you make a deposit in the appropriate amount.

What types of free spins are there?

Free spins are equal to free spins. This statement is only conditionally correct. It is clear that the handling of casino free spins is identical. As the name already indicates, you are playing “free” or “free”. In practice, however, you can find enormous differences in the free spins. We have compiled the most important free game sections as follows.

No deposit Free Spins Offers in 2021

The most popular are the free spins without deposit, i.e. the so-called no-deposit offers. The casino provider will credit you with a certain number of free spins. You can play them for free. They gamble for real money without even investing a cent. The free games without deposit are sometimes even available for new customers. This means they register in a casino and can start playing immediately after registration.

In practice, however, our casino experience has shown that the majority of no-deposit offers are reserved for regular players. The way of thinking of the online providers is logical. A new player has not really “earned” a reward in practice yet. However, those who march regularly through the virtual arcade doors can look forward to corresponding presents. Exactly these gifts are by the way a crucial advantage of the online play opposite the stationary off-line play halls. Which casino operator in the country gives you free games? That’s right. Nobody.

Free spins for new customers as bonus supplement

Very often there are free spins as an addition to the regular welcome bonus. A typical new customer offer in online casinos, for example, is “100% up to 300 dollars plus 200 free spins”. In practice, this means that their deposit amount is doubled. On top of that there are the free spins. In some cases, these free spins are also activated pro rata as no-deposits, for example ten games, directly after the first login.

It is also standard that the free spins are not immediately assigned in their entirety. The 200 free spins from our example are often split into ten days of 20 spins each. The customer then has to log in every day in order to be able to rotate a few rounds on the machines free of charge.

Free spins as sole welcome bonus

Still quite new, but no less attractive are the free spins, which are offered as the only welcome bonus. Usually the number of free spins depends on the height of the deposit. This means, for example, that you get a bonus of up to 100 free spins. For every deposited euro the customer can use a free spin.

In the casino bonus comparison, this offer currently only rarely ends up in a top position. The reason is obvious. The actual summary value is not particularly high due to the use of the machines. In addition, the bankroll is not set to a higher status with an extra push. Your own casino strategy cannot be given a harder, more long-term basis.

The free play offers for regular customers

The regular players in online casinos often get a real free game fireworks display. It is extremely important for the game providers not only to attract new customers to the casino, but also to build up a long-term relationship. The free spins are the ideal way to keep users happy.

The transmission of the offers is quite different. Some virtual gaming halls promote the promotions exclusively on the website, other providers rely on direct customer contact via sms or in the newsletter via e-mail. In principle, a distinction can also be made between the free play bonus with and without deposit for existing players.

Very often the free rounds are used in conjunction with a machine launch. If the casino adds a new pokie to the game program, the game is introduced with risk-free spins. We don’t want to forget the vip-programs. The best internet casinos work with loyalty clubs in which users can climb up different levels. If the customer has reached a new level, there are new free spins as a reward. In our research, we even found casinos that offer a fixed number of free spins, for example 50 free spins every sunday, week after week in the vip-club.

free spins

For which pokie machines do the free spins apply?

The casino operators specify the valid pokies for the free spins. For technical reasons, customers cannot choose between the pokie games themselves. In practice, however, there are some deviations. Some of the free spins are only valid for one pokie, for example for the starburst game from netent. With other offers the customer can choose from at least three or four different games.

Furthermore, it is common for split bonus programs, which extend over several deposits, to apply the respective free spins to different machines.

How do you secure the free rounds?

If you would like to receive a free play bonus in the online casino, you will hardly face any serious hurdles in practice. The redemption itself is very, very simple. We want to give you a brief overview of the process using a new customer bonus with free spins, whereby we do not assume a no-deposit variant:

  • Open an account at the online casino.
  • Fill out the registration form truthfully.
  • Make your first deposit, if it is a deposit bonus
  • Please note the prescribed minimum amount and any excluded transfer methods.
  • The free spins will be credited to your account, mostly pro rata. Log in on the following days to retrieve the further spins.

For the regular players, the process is even easier. For example, anyone who has received a promo sms with corresponding free spins, simply logs into the online casino and then calls up the corresponding pokie. The free spins are displayed automatically. With a click on “ok” the game starts. When the free spins are used up, the screen will show a message telling you that the other spins will be played with your own money. Note: if the free play bonus is linked to a deposit, a deposit must of course be made in advance.

How do I find free spins?

Searching for free spins is not very difficult. In principle you only have to enter the search term at google and you will find countless offers. But we don’t really recommend this way. For two reasons: firstly, you don’t know if there is a reputable game provider behind the offer. Secondly, it is not clear whether the free spins are tied to fair conditions. It makes more sense to limit yourself to the free spin offers we have tested. We guarantee you that all casino providers have been thoroughly tested by us. Not every virtual arcade is the same, but all our online casinos are undoubtedly licensed ansd safe.

If you are already registered with one or more internet casinos, you should never delete the provider’s newsletter unread. Very often there are free coupon codes in the regular letters with which you can activate your free games. Furthermore, it is advisable to take a look at the promotions section of the website before every game start. Whoever strolls through the casino with open eyes can almost always earn one or the other risk-free euro.

Why should the free spins always redeem themselves?

We believe that free spins in online casinos are the ideal bonus form, even if the winnings are subject to further sales conditions afterwards. The reason is simple. You play without any risk and without your own money. You save your own credit and can still win. In the positive case your amount on the casino account will increase accordingly. If it does not run according to plan and they mess up all spins, absolutely nothing has happened.

The practical tests have shown that players never go completely empty-handed when it comes to free gaming. A certain profit is always paid out by the pokies, even if this is not in the sensationally high range due to the low stakes.

Can the free spins also be used in mobile casinos?

Yes. the majority of online casino promotions apply to all routes, in other words – they can be used on your home pc in the desktop version as well as on the go via smartphone or tablet. There are even a few online providers who restrict selected promos exclusively to mobile gaming. We are thinking here, for example, of the leo vegas casino, which focuses particularly on its mobile casino.

Technically, the casinos have made enormous progress in recent years. The majority of users no longer gambles on the computer, but on their smartphones. Internet casinos have long recognized the trend. The same applies to game providers. The majority of games can be gambled mobile. As a technical basis, the game providers usually offer an optimized website version. A download is not necessary. The gaming begins directly after the casino selection in the browser. Additionally there are some top casinos, which are still at the start with native apps, for iphone, ipad and android.

5 tips & tricks for more free spins

In the following section you will find the five most important tips from our point of view about the free spins of online casinos.

  • Regular gaming is useful: if you play regularly as a customer in an online casino, you increase your chance of free spins. The providers observe the gaming behaviour of the users very closely and react with corresponding rewards. The old saying “more comes more” applies.
  • Several casino accounts = more free spins: from our point of view, it makes sense to register not only in a virtual casino. If you have more than one casino account, you will of course have a better chance of getting additional free spins.
  • Always redeem free spins: as already mentioned, you should always redeem the offered free spins in order to secure a corresponding, risk-free additional profit.
  • Look out for new pokies: keep a very close eye on the game providers’ offers. Have new pokies been added to the program? If so, then it’s not uncommon to find free pokies here.
  • Checking e-mails from providers: never delete a newsletter from your casino provider unread. There is an action hidden in almost every letter, mostly in the form of free spins.

What you should pay attention to when offered free spin games

Have you received an online casino free spin offer? Not sure how valuable this offer is? Then read the terms and conditions very carefully in advance. Answer the following questions:

  • Do I have to make a deposit to get the free games or is it a no-deposit bonus?
  • How high is the deposit and how many free spins are there in return?
  • Which machines are the free spins limited to?
  • When do I have to use the free spins?
  • Are they unconditional free spins or do sales conditions have to be fulfilled afterwards?
  • Which rollover set is necessary to reach the payout maturity? On which games does the turnover have to be generated?
  • With which stake are the free spins played?
  • Are there any profit limits for the free spins or is it an open offer?
  • If you weigh the answers to these questions against each other, you will very quickly recognize the value of the free play offer.

Free spins faq

In the following section, we have again compiled the most important questions for you with a view to the free games that were brought to us by the readers.

Can I determine the use of the free spin myself?

No. The stake is set by the casino providers and cannot be adjusted. If you have opened a pokie machine, you cannot change any basic settings in free play mode. In practice, this applies not only to the stake, but also to the number of paylines.

Can I select the pokie machines for the free spins?

No. The pokies are determined by the online casinos. The free rounds are generally limited to selected pokies. You cannot switch back and forth in the entire portfolio. In some cases, however, the promo offers are knitted in such a way that you can choose two or three alternative pokies.

Are there any winnings limits for the free games?

The majority of casino actions are subject to limits in order to limit the business risk of the providers. As a general rule, the profit limits are lowest for no-deposit bonuses. If the customer has made a contribution of his own in advance, the increase is somewhat higher.

Are the free play winnings real money?

Yes, you play for free, but in return you receive real winnings. It should only be noted that the credit usually takes the form of bonus money, i.e. further sales conditions must be fulfilled before you can pay without damage.

What happens if I win a jackpot with the free spins?

Exactly at this point, according to our casino experience, there is a special rule. If the player cracks a progressive jackpot with his free spins, he is entitled to all profits without any restrictions. Any winnings limits will then be removed. The jackpot amounts managed by the software vendors may be cashed out immediately without prior rollover.

Why can’t I withdraw my earnings immediately?

If you have won with your free play, but then fail to immediately pay out your winnings, you probably did not pay attention to the sales conditions. The profits have to be played through x times before a withdrawal can be requested.

Can I accumulate my free spins and use them later?

No. There is always a time window in the terms and conditions of the promotions within which the free spins are to be played. It is not possible to accumulate the free spins. The period varies between 24 hours and seven days. Be careful with the new customer offers, which are equipped with a daily chipping of the free spins. Here the time factor is always one day.

Why are there free spins at all?

For the new online casinos, the free games are the ideal promotion way to reward users for active play on the one hand and, of course, to bind customers to their own online offerings on the other.

What are so-called mega spins?

In some online casinos you will find so-called mega spins. To put it simply, this is an improved free play function. The free rounds are played a) with a higher stake and b) on a pokie with a high payout preference. It’s not uncommon for every mega spin to have a win. This bonus function should not be confused with the mega wheels, the additional spin on the luck wheel.

Can I also play roulette and blackjack for free?

No. The free spins are of course limited to the pokie machine game only, as the name already indicates. However, we have found some small exceptions in our tour of the virtual gaming world.

Free spins with or no deposit? Pros and cons

You have the choice between free play with or without deposit? Both offers can be attractive. Basically these can be assumed to be pro and contras.

Free spins no deposit

  • no deposit necessary
  • profits without any own contribution
  • Mostly low game total and few spins
  • Strict profit limit
  • High rollover specifications

Free spins with deposit

  • higher limit of winnings
  • loose sales conditions, or complete renunciation of the contract
  • higher number of spins and higher usage
  • Own deposit in the casino is necessary
  • Deposit amount is often tied
  • However, it is and remains important not to make sweeping judgments, but to take a very close look at all casino actions in detail.

What bonus types are still available in online casinos?

The free spins of online casinos are of course only one type of bonus. We would like to take a brief look at the classic of the industry, the deposit bonus. The handling is quite simple at this point. The player makes a deposit and the casino provider puts an amount x on top.

The starting balance, i.e. deposit plus bonus, or only the bonus must be converted several times before a payout is possible. The decisive factors in the evaluation of the offer are the rollover factor, the value of the games and the deadline within which the sales conditions are to be processed. Deposit bonuses are available not only for new customers, but also as a reload bonus for existing players.

Another type of bonus are the cashbacks. There are quite a few casinos that reimburse part of the player losses. There are differences here in the handling. Sometimes the money is paid out in cash, other providers book the cashbacks as bonus money.

Our summary: free spins the risk-free push of the credit balance

If you keep your eyes open to the promo offers of online casinos, you can use free spins day in, day out. The number of free spins has increased significantly in recent years. There is almost no top casino anymore, which does without such offers. We can recommend the acceptance of bonuses to you without reservation. If it is a no-deposit offer, the access is obligatory. If you have to make a personal contribution in advance, you should illuminate the relationship between use and application. Do you really need new money on your account? How many free spins do you get for a deposit?

Of course, it is important that you read the bonus conditions very carefully in advance. According to our gaming experience, almost all offers are now fair and serious. The risk of landing on black ice is virtually non-existent. In some young, innovative online casinos, you now receive unconditional free games, i.e. without subsequent rollover requirements. The assumption is then a must in the truest sense of the word.

If you compare the free spins for the new customers in the casino bonus to the deposit bonuses, the free spins logically do not yet cut very well. The reason for this is the generally low bonus value.

Playthrough bonus conditions of Free Spins

As already described at the beginning, you should know the bonus conditions before accepting a bonus offer. Every bonus offer is subject to conditions. Free spins are just another kind of bonus. If you have earned a bonus amount through free spins, you must first convert this again. In most cases, bonus offers must be multiplied by a factor x of the bonus amount and released in pokies. The factor can range from 5 times up to 50 times depending on the online casino and promotion. But there are also conditions that are very easy to meet. Here the detailed comparison is worthwhile.

Only with the fulfillment of the bonus conditions they can bring themselves a before granted bonus free of charge to the payment. If you want to receive the bonus before fulfilling the conditions, you can cancel the bonus amount. Some online casinos do not allow a withdrawal until they have fulfilled the bonus conditions. Either way, they should know the bonus terms and conditions so as not to be surprised when making a withdrawal.

Tips for more free spins in online casinos

Free play bonuses are not only interesting for new players. A large number of online casinos also use the free play bonus for customer loyalty. New pokies are currently being advertised with free spins in order to bring these players closer to each other. Free spins are also frequently used to animate inactive players to dare to play one or the other game.

Our tip: if you have decided on an online casino, you should pay attention to recurring bonus promotions. Here you can get real bargains. Look out for promotions via mail or on the website of your online casino and take free offers with you if you have the opportunity. Very often there are very specific offers for existing customers, which even promise higher bonus offers than a new customer bonus.