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Best Australian High Roller Pokie Casinos 2023

What is a High Roller Casino? – High roller is the term commonly used for players who wager large amounts of money in Australia. Many casinos shower these players with generous gifts, perks, and bonuses to attract them to their poker tables, other casino games, and slot machines.

As a result, most high-roller players seek casinos that offer a regulated, secure online environment with the broadest selection of high stakes pokies, the highest possible player return on investment. In addition, there are fast payouts, personalized bonus offers, high-roller VIP managers, high betting odds, and excellent promotions.

The Orb keeps the requirements in mind when looking up the best high roller online casino. Our list includes only names of casinos worthy of high-stakes players, top loyalty rewards, exceptional member support, and the most attractive options for players willing to wager large amounts at various tables.

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In connection with gambling, the term high roller comes up repeatedly. Many people don’t know what it means. A high roller is a player who plays for exceptionally high sums in casinos and online casinos.

In this article, we want to take a detailed look at the unique features of high rollers and answer the most critical questions on the subject.


High roller casinos Australia


The Advantages of High Rollers

High rollers enjoy a lot of advantages in Las Vegas. They regularly receive invitations from the casino and are given the most beautiful suites in the hotels free of charge. Of course, a high roller does not have to pay anything to visit one of the noble restaurants or clubs.

However, a high roller will, of course, pay for these advantages through their stakes. If a high roller decides to play less and only take advantage of the benefits, these will become less in the future. A casino will not drop a high roller after a trip in which they play not often.

But in the long run, casinos are, of course, not willing to pay former high rollers for their holidays. So the high roller status does not exist for life, but only in the course of a player’s career.

What can Small High Rollers Benefit From?

Fortunately, it’s not just the real high rollers who get VIP treatment in the big casinos of the world. Other players who visit a casino regularly can also benefit from many rewards. This usually requires a Players Card, which tracks one’s gaming behavior.

Players receive bonus points for their stakes, which they can exchange for restaurant visits, tickets, or other rewards.

The online casinos currently operating in Australia work similarly. Players can collect loyalty points with their wagers and increase their VIP level over time. As a reward for reaching new VIP levels, there are numerous rewards and bonus offers.

Often, regular customers of online casinos receive desirable promotions and bonuses through VIP managers.

High Roller Advantages

  • Access to a VIP program
  • Acceleration of payouts
  • Personalized and dedicated support
  • Play new games in front of other players
  • Extremely high chances of winning

High Roller Disadvantages

  • Extremely high win/loss risk
  • Higher stakes

Definition of a High Roller

High rollers are semi-professional and professional players for whom gambling means more than just having fun and gambling away money. Many of them earn their living with gambling, and others are businessmen or operators of online casinos who have the necessary small change.

The term high roller is ambiguous. On the one hand, high rollers, also called “high limit gamblers,” are players who gamble for exceptionally high sums, mainly in casinos.

Which is also associated with a roller coaster, i.e., the ups and downs of a gambler. On the other hand, a high roller can also be interpreted as high stakes on a rolling ball.

For example, the name high roller is also used for people who bet very high sums in sports betting.

How to Become a High Roller?

Becoming a professional high roller requires not only years of experience but also a specialization in a game, such as poker or blackjack, followed by a specific talent and a lot of hard work or a lot of money.

High roller casino pokies

What are the Characteristics of a High Roller in Online Casinos?

Characteristic 1: Maximum Stakes

You can typically recognize a high roller because they place maximum bets in the online casino and place very high stakes for maximum winnings.

The motto: maximum risk with maximum profit expectation. Those who play this way must have an above-average budget that average casino players cannot keep up with. Many hobby players think that the differences between low and high limits are relatively small, but this is a mistake.

Many professional poker players work with analysis programs and tracking software to better understand the play of their opponents and constantly improve their own.

Characteristic 2: Play Regularly

Suppose you want to reach the maximum customer status and be counted among the high rollers in the online casino. In that case, you have to play regularly and have a significantly higher minimum turnover over several months. This does not involve 200 or 300 dollars deposits but starts at 2,000 dollars per month.

This gives you a good chance of being promoted to one of the highest VIP positions. In addition, there are the special services of the online casino.

It always depends on the casino, defined as a high roller. At some casinos, this can start at 10,000 dollars, and in Macao, it starts at 200,000 dollars. As soon as you have reached VIP status as a high roller, you can expect such benefits from the casinos:

  • Flights to and from the casino in the casino’s private jet
  • A complimentary luxury suite in the casino hotels
  • Personal assistants throughout your stay
  • Fine food and all drinks free of charge 24h
  • Use of all exclusive treatments, including massages and beauty treatments
  • Separate areas in the casinos, the VIP areas, where the tables are located
  • Special rules in the VIP area, e.g., smoking is allowed at the gaming tables
  • Granting of notable casino credits if things go badly.

On the other hand, online casinos have a hard time keeping up but don’t worry; even the virtual operators know how to roll out a red carpet. The advantage of online casinos is that the financial threshold is not high.

The most important facts about the High Roller Online Casino Bonus:

  • A high roller bonus is specially designed for players who place higher stakes
  • The bonus amount must be as large as possible
  • Only deposit bonuses can be considered as high roller bonuses
  • The bonus conditions play an overriding role in the bonus offers in the High Roller Casino.

Characteristic 3: High Demands on Online Casinos

Furthermore, a high roller can also be recognized because he has exceptionally high demands on online casinos. For a high roller, a top online casino must offer many VIP gaming tables with high stakes and excellent service.

Online casinos have specific slots that are designed exclusively for high rollers. A disadvantage of these pokies is that winning is not frequent. Advantage, if a win, then exceedingly high sums.

Characteristic 4: They Target These Games

High rollers principally pick games where they can have an advantage over the players and the house. Classics like poker and blackjack fall out. Instead, they target the typical games like roulette or pokie machines.

Characteristic 5: That’s Why Roulette is so Interesting

High rollers love the thrill, and the bigger it is, the better. For this reason, games like roulette are incredibly popular with high rollers, as there are high table limits and you can win several thousand dollars very quickly.

Roulette is particularly popular with high rollers.

In addition, a rewarding game strategy can be used in roulette, such as the doubling strategy/martingale strategy. This strategy is basically about constantly doubling the stakes. However, this strategy does not work so well with low table limits, as very high amounts are not allowed there.

High Roller Customer Service

Once you have been assigned the status of a High Roller, you enter the world of unlimited possibilities. It becomes luxurious. Every High Roller gets a personal contact person with a direct telephone hotline.

The VIP managers answer all questions about the game and the online casino and invitations to events, luxury package tours, and a box seat for a Champions League final.

All this and more are included in the service.

High Roller VIP Account

High rollers also get a VIP account set up according to their wishes and offer better conditions for deposits and withdrawals.

Waiting times are shortened, and the VIP manager will always be available by phone and will read every wish from your lips. As a VIP member of an online casino, different rules apply.

This means that those who play with a lot of money will get a suitable solution for all personal concerns and conditions.

Online Games for High Rollers

Every game in the online casino is available as a VIP game. So you can get either roulette, poker, or blackjack.

Becoming a High roller player

But one game, in particular, is in demand, and that is baccarat, which three-quarters of all high rollers play.

High Roller Conclusion

There is no exact definition of a high roller because, depending on the casino, the monetary limit can vary considerably.

While a player in an online casino is already considered a high roller if he deposits 4-digit amounts from time to time, a somewhat larger budget is necessary for Las Vegas.

So try your luck as a High Roller, at one of our High Roller Casinos and, find out whats in store for you!