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Play bingo online: Our Bingo Game Guide Will Help You

Many bingo players discovered their passion for the simple lottery game many years ago. By making gambling available on the internet, the fan community has once again grown considerably in recent years and months. The simple bingo game rules, the low ticket prices and the sometimes very attractive winning opportunities are likely to be the deciding factors for most lucky knights. If you look at the online bingo experiences of many players, you will quickly notice that online bingo is not every shot a hit. The payout rates for bingo are relatively low because winning the lottery is always a real challenge.

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Players can’t control which lucky numbers are drawn next in online bingo, but they can do something to increase the safety factor: you can choose the right bingo provider. This is where the following guide will help you. Players learn how to recognize a reputable and trustworthy bingo provider and which offers they should keep their hands off. After all, a trustworthy bingo provider is, in the proverbial sense of the word, half the battle on the way to winning a lottery. Numerous other tips from our experts can also be found in the following report around the online bingo experience.

The most important details to having the  best online bingo experience:

  • Payout ratio for lottery games rather low
  • Choice of games varies greatly from vendor to vendor
  • Bonus offers vary greatly
  • Infrastructure conditions of suppliers are not always the same

How do I find a good online housie provider? 5 criteria

If you consider the online bingo experience, you will quickly find that the road to a good bingo provider is not always very easy. Many operators of gambling platforms try to swim on the current wave of success and virtually indiscriminately present various offers for bingo. With half-baked games, no valid gambling license and dubious payment methods they can not score in our big bingo comparison of course. Especially many new players who want to play online bingo for the first time don’t know that.

For this reason, many unneeded players supposedly serious providers have gone on the glue, which actually only had a customer rip-off in mind. In order to be able to prevent such negative incidents in the future, the five most important criteria by which a serious bingo provider can be identified are presented in more detail below:

  • Bingo games on offer
  • Security and licensing
  • Payment system and conditions
  • Bonus offers for new customers
  • Customer service and support

online bingo

Play Online Bingo on Your Mobile

There are a lot of providers who offers an independent mobile app for their bingo portal. Then one can play bingo as well outside on mobile or Tablet. So you can easily bridge the annoying waiting time for the next subway or doctor’s appointment. In the ideal case one should play Bingo however on a tablet or a somewhat larger Smartphone, since one must scroll otherwise constantly around. This does not provide the best online bingo experience. But since the mobile apps for bingo games are free anyway, it’s best to try it out for yourself and see if your own smartphone is suitable.

Bingo games on offer: what can players expect?

The world of bingo is already relatively big, but thanks to the spread of online gambling, it has grown enormously in recent years. With a good provider, players have the opportunity to choose between many different bingo games and can therefore let off steam according to their taste.

On the other hand, there are also providers who provide just a handful of different games and offer all ambitious players accordingly hardly any space on which they can let off steam. Of course, our experts cannot define how large the selection of bingo variants must be, because each player decides for himself what he needs to be happy. In general, however, the motto is that the quality and popularity of a bingo provider increases parallel to the diversity of the offer.

Bonus offers for new customers: who offers the most attractive conditions?

Our experts have not only carried out a sports bet bonus comparison and a casino bonus comparison, but have also concentrated their expertise on a bingo bonus comparison. After all, more and more providers are trying to sweeten their customers’ entry into the world of online bingo with a little extra money.

Experience shows, however, that most of these offers only serve to entice new customers to register. Many bonus campaigns are not really worthwhile. Unless players make the right choices and only use bonus offers that are proven to be fair and lucrative. There is quite a bit of this in the industry now. By the way, our experts determine the bonus quality on the basis of the following parameters:

  • Bingo Bonus amount
  • Bonus period
  • Sales demand
  • Affordability

Payout bonuses where players earn real cash are understandably more lucrative than promotions with a winnings limit. The bonus amount alone is therefore not very meaningful and must always be seen in relation. This also applies to the turnover requirement and the bonus period. Only if the sales demands are reasonably low and the bonus period is reasonably long can bonus campaigns be worthwhile.

  • Bonus offers should make it easier for players to get started
  • The conditions determine the quality of the offer


Online Bingo can really inspire. On this site you will find a large selection of bingo games with very good welcome bonus offers. But there are also many other options that will inspire and pay off especially for regular players. If you don’t feel like bingo, you’ll also find plenty of variety. On our site should be the right game for every player.

Frequently asked questions

Is it legal to play online bingo for real money in australia?

Online bingo is treated like any other online game of chance by the australian authorities. As long as you are 18 years old, you can chase the big jackpots both offline and online.

How are bingo sites regulated?

Most online bingo sites operate internationally and therefore have the worldwide recognized gambling licenses. The authorities that issue such licenses make sure that the offers and their conditions are serious, that the money transfer runs quickly and that fair games are offered.

The bingo sites are usually equipped with the licenses of the following authorities:

Gibraltar licensing authority
Curacao gaming authority
Malta gaming authority

Can I try bingo games for free?

This is one of those “Can be, but doesn’t have to be” situations. Many sites offer both free and paid games. So the websites can provide you with a “Simulated” bingo where you play alone. These variants are always available for free. Then there are the multiplayer games, where you can play with other bingo fans. Here you will usually only be able to play with money.

How do I play for real money?

First you have to choose a site you want to play on. You can find our recommendations above. Once you have registered, you can use one of the australian payment methods to deposit your money. Transfer providers like credit cards or neosurf are usually the best choice.

Can I play housie on the go?

The first thing you shouldn’t do is search the google play or app store for it. You’ll rarely find the app you’re looking for there. Just visit the website we recommend with your android or apple device. All pages are optimized for mobile use, so it doesn’t matter if you’re using a pc, iphone or android device.

Fortunately, mobile bingo games are very frugal in terms of hardware requirements and data connection. So you can still have a lot of bingo fun with an old mobile phone and a bad internet connection!

What other games can I play for money?

Besides their main business, bingo sites always offer slots. Normally, while playing bingo, you can enjoy a slot machine at the same time. Usually the slot is displayed on one corner of your bingo card, so you always have both games in view.

The online bingo sites are usually part of a larger gambling company that offers every game imaginable. So you can access slots, video poker, roulette and many other games.