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Poker providers are now pretty limited to Australian residents. For enthusiastic poker fans, the following problem arises: How to find the best poker provider when the selection is so limited? Most Poker providers offer their customers mad actions, bonuses and favorable play conditions. However it is not so simple to win an all-encompassing overview.

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This is exactly where we come in with our poker review – so to speak. We have done the work for you and in our review we introduce to the online poker world that we have extensively tested. With our poker comparison you can make a decision within seconds and decide for or against a poker provider. We’ve looked at some of the features that a good poker provider should have.

Poker Providers: What is it and who can offer it?

In today’s world, life is more and more digital. Be it that all moments in life are captured by a smartphone camera or that purchases are made on the Internet. Therefore, it is hardly surprising that the poker game no longer takes place in casinos, but online at one of the various poker providers. The “way” to such a poker provider is thereby very simple: PC/Smartphone switch on, web page/App call, announce, play.

The advantages thereby are among other things that the course remains saved to the gaming house. Also a firm play time does not have to be kept, because an on-line poker room is always open. The poker game in the Internet is much more flexible and owing to most modern technology or software likewise extremely realistic and so very pleasantly for players, as the poker provider comparison showed.

Online Poker: This should be Taken into Account

Everything sounds pretty good at first, but how do you find the perfect provider? You can’t answer this question so easily. Because every player has different requirements for a poker provider and the existing offer. But what customers should look out for in the poker review are licenses and regulations that guarantee that the poker provider is doing the right thing and not a black sheep. This also includes aspects such as good customer service, payment options, additional offers and game offerings. The purpose of this online poker review is to shed light on these issues.

Here the Poker Provider Should be Able to Score Points

If you register with an online poker provider with a new account, you have certain expectations of the available games. While it is sufficient for one to have only a few games on offer, others need to find a certain variety. This can be given on the one hand by a multiplicity of Poker variants, or however by further tournaments, in which players can participate.

As a rule, every poker provider offers Texas Hold’em and Omaha. Other offers include 7 Card Stud and 5 Card Stud. The game Open Face Chinese Poker, on the other hand, is only offered by one poker provider. The knowledge of all poker rules and tools is an important prerequisite for a successful online poker experience.

Bonus for a Good Start in the Poker Room

Due to the mass of poker providers, many advertise their customers with special bonus promotions. These are available for both new and existing customers. New customers can usually choose a welcome bonus that doubles or triples their first deposit by 100 per cent up to a certain amount.

Rarer however is the Poker bonus without deposit, which is already granted for the bare registration. Existing customers can also enjoy bonuses that are awarded for certain games or on certain days. In this way poker provider can ensure that customers remain with them and look for no new play partners . At this point, it is worthwhile for players to visit a poker bonus comparison.

Customer Support with Knowledge and Friendliness

Every poker player will come to a point in their career where they need help. In such a case it is good if he can rely on a competent customer support. Most poker providers are well positioned in terms of customer support and offer a live chat in addition to the classic e-mail and hotline services.

The live chat is usually the fastest and easiest way to clarify inquiries and problems. Players who would like to solve the problem themselves for the time being can access the FAQ section. However, online poker experience shows that some providers still have significant potential for improvement.

Different Payment Methods

A online poker provider comparison has shown that most poker providers use the same payment methods. As a rule, customers always come across the payment methods credit card, e-wallet and bank transfer. It is up to the customer to decide which method to use. There is no preferred form of payment.

Customers prefer poker providers with E-Wallet deposits, as this can be done without unnecessary deposit of sensitive account information. Skrill and Netteller offered by almost all providers, so customers dont have to switch to alternatives. Deposits usually take place within a few minutes. Depending on the type of payment, customers have to wait 1 to 5 working days for withdrawals, as the results of the online poker test have shown.

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High Security as Standard For Online Poker Games

Since poker is a real-money game, players should always be aware of the securities the poker provider can provide. In the online poker comparison, all providers could show a valid license, which showed that they are controlled and regulated. In addition, it is advisable if the data encryption is secure and the data will not be disclosed to third parties without the consent of the customer. If the data protection measures are openly visible, it can be assumed that it is a reputable provider.

A Rake as Low as Possible

Rake is a term used to describe a poker provider’s rake or commission calculated when players want to play poker. The rake always depends on the number of players and the limit of the pot on which the rake is calculated. The standard rake value is set at 5 percent up to a maximum of 3 Dollars.

Web Presence & Software Logically Structured

When customers go to the website of a new poker provider, it should be as inviting as possible. Because only in such a case, the stay on the website is safe and the potential customer will take a closer look at the offer of the provider. It should be ensured that customers get information quickly and that the loading times of the pages do not take up too much time. The software should run smoothly and navigate smoothly on the customer’s PC as well as mobile, if available.

VIP Program, The Special Bonus

A poker provider’s VIP program can lead customers to play freerolls or even free games to gain online casino experience. Usually there are two different VIP programs: Players participate automatically or players are invited. In both cases, players can benefit from additional promotions, free spins and cashbacks.

Limits that are Player-Friendly

A limit should always be set so that each type of player can gain online poker experience. Therefore, the limit should be aimed at both amateur and professional players. Most providers in the poker provider comparison could convince with fair limits for both player types. A similar result was also shown in the casino bonus comparison.

Additional Offers for Extended Gaming Fun

A good poker provider should not only offer its customers a selection of poker games, but also expand its portfolio. Some providers also offer an online casino where players can access live roulette offers. In a live casino the feeling arises that players are in a real gaming hall, which is mainly caused by good live dealers.

Beside this offer also sports bets can provide for the extra kick and let the poker offerer compare positively go out. The more variety players find, the higher the chance that they won’t look for another provider.

Which Provider Suits me Best?

This question is not easy to answer. In principle, every player has to decide for himself what weight he wants to give the top 10 points. That’s why it’s worth taking a look at a poker provider comparison to find out exactly that. Who attaches great importance to a good bonus should compare the bonus conditions.

Customers, who put more emphasis on customer support and payment methods, must be particularly attentive in these places. Additional offers can lead to a quick decision if, for example, value is placed on a bingo bonus without deposit. If bingo is included in the additional offer, the choice will fall faster on the provider in question.

Online Poker Provider Comparison: Check Checklist

In order to have a positive online poker experience, it is advisable to complete the provider checklist. This is a quick way to find out what is important. Especially as a newcomer, the choice for the right poker offer should not be made hastily, but with caution. Therefore we recommend to always read our Poker review to the offerer.

It applies to pay attention also to the characteristics of the poker providers. Be it in terms of payment methods, software, games or customer support. It can be mostly small things, which can lead to the correct decision.

Bonus Checklist: What the Bonus Must be Able to Do

When it comes to the bonus offer of a poker provider, some points should be fulfilled. Especially inexperienced players can take advantage of the bonus and benefit from it. We’ll tell you what to look out for:

  • Revenue requirement: If you want to decide on a bonus, you need to look carefully at the bonus terms and conditions. Because both No-Deposit Bonuses and Deposit Bonuses can be linked to turnover conditions that have to be fulfilled by the customer. As a rule, these can be fulfilled quickly and easily, especially by experienced players. Inexperienced players, however, should pay particular attention to the conditions of play when making a deposit and not underestimate them. With a bonus, first impressions can be gained at the poker provider and games can be tested. The bonus conditions should be clearly and comprehensibly broken down, so that the customer is not annoyed at the end, because a clause was overlooked. A bonus usually has to be unlocked by earning status points and is issued in installments. In addition, players must adhere to a time limit, which is usually well measured. If it is a very short period, inexperienced players should pay attention and only deposit a small amount of money.
  • Deposit required: If customers want to use a bonus, a first deposit is usually necessary. Players who practice online poker will have to be careful not to experience a big loss in the end. The bonus is credited to the customer after registration and first deposit. Usually this can take place with an amount between 10 to 20 dollar. Higher amounts are possible, whereby the bonus is usually only granted up to a certain limit. If it is a pending bonus, players must first play with real money to be able to clear the bonus in steps.
  • Clarify your own claims: Although many poker providers can convince with good bonuses, in the end the claims of the customer count to ensure that the reality of the bonus matches the result of the bonus. It is also important to make sure that players regularly check the bonus terms, as poker providers are able to change them while a current promotion is running.
  • Transparency: When it comes to a bonus, the terms of participation should always be clear. If this is the case, customers can usually assume that it is a serious offer. The poker bonus should be provided with playing conditions, which can also be managed by beginners. Most providers provide the bonus conditions openly and provide further information on the bonus conditions in the FAQs.

Bonus type: There are Different Types of Bonus Programs

  • Welcome Bonus: This is the most popular type of bonus. Gives a first impression of the provider and can double your first deposit.
  • Existing customer bonus: These are promotions that can lead to higher winnings.
  • Cashback: This is usually awarded in conjunction with a VIP program and refunds players’ stakes on a pro rata basis.
  • Reload Bonus: Motivation for the customer to deposit money again in order to receive another refill. Usually this bonus is linked to playing conditions.

5 Important Questions to the Topic Online Poker Provider

Does the Provider Have a License?

A poker provider that does not have a license should always be viewed critically. The license regulates the company and can result in winnings being paid out in the event of a dispute, even if the poker provider refuses. However, if there is no valid license, players usually have no chance in court.

Are Bonuses Offered for Every Type of Player?

When poker providers offer their customers the chance of bonus programs, this is usually a good sign. This bonus should be designed in such a way that both pros and beginners are able to meet the play-through requirements.

What Security Precautions are in Place?

A reputable poker provider will already point out the respective securities and data protection declarations on the homepage. If these are openly visible, the customer can usually visit the poker room anxiously. Security precautions include SSL encryption and certification by providers such as   .

Can the Poker Software be Downloaded Easily?

In most cases this is not a problem. Customers don’t have to worry about getting viruses on their PC with poker software. The poker software is also checked through regular updates to ensure player protection.

How Important is it to Choose Good Payment Methods?

The more payment methods a poker provider offers, the more likely the customer is to find the best one. Depending on the payment method, there may be differences in the deposit and withdrawal times.

The 7 Most Important Poker Terms: Do You Know Them?

  1. Cash Game: Term for the standard poker game in which the chips correspond to the real money value.
  2. Freeroll: Free tournament, without buy-in, but with a chance of winning
  3. Pot: The money distributed among all players.
  4. Rake: The rake taken per hand as commission.
  5. Sit & Go: Tournament where no fixed starting time is specified. The game does not start until enough players have taken their seats at the table.
  6. Raise: Raise the stake.
  7. Buy-in: Tournament wager consisting of tournament money and commission.


When you bluff, you want to convince your opponent that your hand is different from the one you actually have. Mastering this art of deception is one of the most important disciplines in poker. Consider the right timing, your position, your image as well as that of the other players and of course the size of your stack. But with all the strategy, in the end it’s a poker game.
Sure, it’s uncomfortable when a bluff fails, but it’s all the better when you successfully bluff.