Progressive jackpot

Introduction to Progressive Jackpots in Australia

Many video pokies in the world of online gambling promise grandiose winnings. But really huge sums of money are usually only at stake in pokies with progressive jackpots. They are not offered for all pokies, but are considered an insider tip among really daredevil gamblers. Where to find them and how to deal with them, players can find out here and get an insightful comparison between different pokie types on the market.

The Most Popular Progressive Jackpots

Hardly any player can seriously have an overview of the vast selection of video pokies available online. Even when it comes to progressive jackpot pokies, it’s no different: although there are considerably less of them to find, the search for really good progressive jackpots is often laborious. The experts at our site have taken the time to compile an overview of the best and find out the reason for their success.

  • Mega Moolah is played on five reels and pays out winning combinations on up to 25 lines. Manufacturer Microgaming provides exciting gaming moments and huge winnings such as the Mega Jackpot, which pays out millions! However, for this the player is dependent on the random appearance of the Mega Moolah Jackpot Wheel.
  • Joker Millions enchants players on five reels and 25 paylines. In addition to bonus rounds and free spins, which bring extra excitement into the game, the manufacturer Yggdrasil has chosen a pokie machine with jackpot. From a stake of just $ 25, players can hit the jackpot, which can be as high as a million!
  • Mega Fortune Dreams: On five reels and a total of 20 paylines, this pokie of the manufacturer NetEnt is played for the big money. This is not least due to the progressive jackpot function: Whoever gets on one of the three bonus wheels can even dust the Mega Jackpot in the millions.

The largest Progressive Jackpot Offer

With the big competition in the business, the operators of the online platforms have to come up with attractions that attract new customers and encourage established users to stay. In addition to various bonus promotions, the selection of games also plays a major role in customer satisfaction. And because progressive jackpot games are becoming more and more popular, it is only logical that online casinos compete for the newest and hottest pokies.

Software and Pokies

It has already been briefly explained above that with regard to the software used in an online casino, it hardly matters which variant you choose. Among the largest manufacturers in the industry are companies such as Net Entertainment, Playtech and Microgaming, all of which have pokie machines with progressive jackpots in their portfolios.

This is also the case with other manufacturers, as they are primarily geared to the requirements of the players. nt all, there are many pokie machines with jackpots, including some that have long since become classics of the scene. A good example of this is Beach Life from Playtech. You can find this jackpot machine in the Casino, but also at other providers who work with Playtech’s software.

progressive jackpot

Advantages of Progressive Jackpot pokies over Conventional Pokies

It is obvious to say that progressive jackpot machines with jackpot games have the big advantage of super wins over traditional video pokies.

Most jackpot pokies offer multi-level winning levels that can reach into the millions. Because many progressive jackpot pokies offer three jackpots at once, players can carefully approach the risky game.

Especially beginners should be careful and not throw themselves into the match for the Mega Jackpot immediately. The higher the jackpot, the greater the stake and the risk of losing everything. In addition, progressive jackpots promise a lot of thrills – and that simply makes gambling fun.

Progressive Jackpot Odds

Jackpot games do indeed have a large variance due to the deposits, which is responsible for the fact that, unlike conventional pokies, small winnings are paid out less frequently. It is no longer uncommon for players to collect millions in Mega Jackpots! Because only the random number generator decides on the winnings, it is difficult to make any statements about the probability of the payout amount or its intervals.

For example, Mega Moolah’s winnings fluctuate between one dollar and 17.8 million dollars; their payout rate can vary between several times a week and once a quarter.

It was only in January of this year that a player won a jackpot of over thirteen million dollars at Microgaming’s progressive Jackpot pokie Mega Moolah! What a success story! Especially when you consider that the stake at this Casino cost him just one dollar per spin! It seems you have to trust your luck and sometimes not dare too much!

Progressive Jackpots Explained

With Progressive pokies, players pay a small amount into the jackpot proportionally to their stake, which then increases until the moment a player wins. The amount by which a jackpot increases per deposit depends on the online casinos and can vary greatly.

Who finally wins when depends on a random number generator. Nevertheless, jackpot players can keep an eye on the indicator that announces the current jackpot amount and should also consider a few other points:

Some jackpot games, for example, require certain paylines to be activated, i.e. a combination of the same symbols must be used to hit the jackpot.
Other progressive jackpot pokies require a certain amount of wagering in order to win the mega jackpot.

Video Pokies and the Variety of their Jackpots

The progressive jackpot pokie is a special form of video pokie that promises high winnings and great fun. However, there are other ways to look for some variety in the pokie machine sector. Here is a small overview of the different pokie types:

  • The Standalone Progressive: The player can win individual jackpots and is therefore under no pressure to win before another user succeeds and he himself goes away empty-handed.
  • The in-house progressives: In this type of jackpot game, only the users of a casino gamble for the jackpot. Thus the number of competitors is reduced and the profit remains within the “casino family”.
  • Wide Area Progressive: A game type in which different players are networked and compete for the same jackpot. This increases the thrill!


Playing for big money is often risky, but if you’re already into gambling, you should definitely try the progressive pokie machines! Players are protected by multi-stage jackpots and can slowly feel their way to the Mega Jackpot. Those who know the rules of the game and catch a lucky moment when the random number generator makes the right symbols appear can win millions! Anytime, as chance would have it.