Scratch cards

Online Scratchies Guide Australia 2023

Everyone knows about scratchies and most people have already played them.

You can buy them classically at the kiosk or even plain and “scratch them off” or play them online. This type of lottery is very popular because of its simplicity.

But do you know the origin of instant scratchies?

We’ll explain everything you need to know about scratch cards.

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The Beginning of Scratch Cards

Scratch cards were developed in the 1980s in the USA and enjoyed rapidly growing popularity. You could play them in the respective state lotteries.

Today you can find scratch cards all over the world and you can also play them on the Internet.

From the optics these resemble the real paper cards which you find at the kiosk or alsmost anywhere. If you haven’t seen them before, here’s a short explanation: The scratch cards have small squares printed on them, which are covered with a coating. Below the layer are the winnings you can make. Now you have to scratch this layer to see your winnings.

Through these, some non-profit organizations are also supported and they bear many other names. These are often sold for fundraisers and private companies also use the cards to advertise their products.

Scratch cards are the cheapest lotteries worldwide and can also be purchased in grocery stores if the store has the necessary permission to sell.

win with scratch cards online

Online Scratch Cards are a great alternative to the usual online games.

The attraction, however, is that you can see your winnings right away and have them paid out immediately up to a certain amount. You no longer have to wait for a draw and can decide when you want to play.

Due to the great success of the scratch cards, it was clear that they would soon find their way into the Internet.

Scratch Cards in the Now

Today, many online casinos offer virtual scratch cards and you can play them at home. And also the online cards promise high winnings. Furthermore, the great graphics and sound effects are really tempting and make the game even more exciting.

More and more fans are finding their way to the online versions and use the small games during breaks, on train rides or simply for a change.

Scratch cards – they promise a quick, easy and big win. Internet sites that have specialised in this offer have sprung up almost like mushrooms in recent years. And often behind several sides nevertheless always the same offerer is.

Many portals differ however clearly from each other. They advertise with free scratch cards and profits. But success is usually lacking.

To date, there is probably no player who has actually been able to enjoy one of the sometimes huge scratchcard winnings. But of course there are also serious sports betting providers who have included scratch cards in their portfolio.

How to Play

Online scratch cards are designed just as easily as their paper counterparts, nobody should have too much trouble understanding the game or knowing what to do.

The advantage of scratch cards online, as opposed to the traditional variant, is that you can play several cards at once. One player likes to take his time and may be playing roulette online for a while and rubbing a few scratchcards free at the same time, while another likes to know quickly where he stands – in the online casino you have the choice.

You can buy one card and scratch one square at a time, or you can buy 20 cards and reveal all the squares almost simultaneously. It’s up to you to decide.

buy online scratch cards

With the online scratchcard, you scratch the fields with your mouse, revealing what’s hidden on the field and whether you’ve won a prize or not. The prizes are different. Just open the scratchcards once and play a few games for free.

The Winnings on the Scratchies

A scratch card is nothing more than an instant lottery, as you will immediately know if and how much you have won. In this case you don’t have to wait for a draw. However, there are different variations, which are always explained on the back of the scratch cards.

Sometimes you have to use the same symbols, sometimes numbers and sometimes the same amounts of money. In the online games it doesn’t look much different. Again, there are different variations.

What you can win depends on the provider and the respective scratch card. Scratch cards at the kiosk cost on average between one and 15 Dollars.

If you win less than 500 Dollars, these are usually paid out immediately at the lottery retailer. Higher winnings have to be applied for.

Become Rich with Scratch Cards

In the USA a lady won with a couple of scratch cards and has become a multi millionaire. She immediately won four times. And the sums were not small. Once she won 5.4 million dollars, once 3 million, once 2 million and finally 10 million dollars.

However, you should not wait for such a lucky series, since the chance here is 1 in 18 quadrillion. But as you can see is not impossible.

Another US-American also won a big prizes, seven times. His strategy is quite simple: he always buys 10 cards at once. But they should be directly behind each other and not mixed wildly. In addition, he regularly checks the Internet to find out which lotteries pay out the most prizes and for which lotteries the chances are rather low.

Maybe that will help you too.

The Attraction of Scratch Cards

Specialist knowledge is indispensable for sports betting. If you don’t know your way around, it’s not always that easy to place a successful bet. Many sports bets are a challenge, especially for amateurs. And the common casino games such as poker, blackjack online and roulette often require strategy, logic and mathematical knowledge.

The situation is quite different with scratch cards. Here it needs neither knowledge nor a high employment. Scratch cards are actually a very simple game of chance. There are only rivets and winnings. And what is drawn is usually decided by chance.

The attraction lies therefore in it, completely without expenditure all at once a high money profit to obtain. And surely it is also the stake that increases the appeal. Because it is usually only a small amount, which must be paid for such a scratch card. No risk, but the chance of a win – that is what most people appreciate so much.

But how high is the chance to win with scratch cards?

What are the Odds of Winning Scratch Cards?

The advertising is clear: a high jackpot is usually played. And it is usually the third lot that is supposed to win, especially when cards are involved.

This is tempting for most people, because what are three cards? But what about the probability of winning in reality?

Usually it’s about smaller sums that just cover the bet or are just above it. In fact, the big money gains are hardly known.

Which Scratch Card has the Highest Chance of Winning?

Here, too, there is no firm answer. The probability of winning a scratch card is determined exclusively by chance. So there is no scratch card with the highest probability of winning. In general, you can say that you cannot say anything about the probability of winning a scratch card.

Play Scratchies on Your Mobile

Who wants to be a spoilsport – we don’t. That’s why you can play almost all games at The Orb from a mobile device. It doesn’t matter which mobile phone you have, or which brand of tablet computer you prefer. The software runs independently of the operating system, be it iOS, Windows Phone, Blackberry or whatever else you want to use. The choice is entirely up to you.

We think that some games might look better on the desktop than on the smaller monitor of the mobile device, so we will always recommend to try this kind of game on the computer. Ultimately, how and where you want to play your game is of course very individual, and sometimes there’s no other way than to play from your mobile device, because you’re on the go and have no access to the computer at all.

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Hence the good news – the scratch cards can be played very well on a mobile phone or on a tablet computer. Scratch cards and mobile devices simply complement each other and are perfect for each other.

The mobile games are developed with the mobile user in mind and therefore with modern HTML5 technology. They are perfect for any game on the go, anywhere, anytime. No download is required, all games can be played directly from your browser. A current browser brings optimal results on screen.

That’s why we wish you lots of fun with our offer of games, no matter which device you use.

Play Scratch Cards for Free

We offer all our players, whether they are new to our games or have been around for a while, to play our games for free. This applies to casino games, roulette, blackjack and other casino games.

You can also play our pokie machines and scratch cards for free at any time. The only area excluded from the free game is the live casino.

With the demo mode you can try a game before playing with money.


Scratch cards are just a matter of luck.

Scratch cards are on the sides of the sport bet offerers an interesting alternation, which is suitable rather for the small fun occasionally.

But that’s all.

Those who really want to earn money, however, prefer to leave it alone and concentrate solely to make a profit with the many other games we offer you.