A craps variant called street dice

Street Dice – Simplified Dice

It is sometimes pleasant to note how certain gambling games stand the test of time. Some games have been around for centuries. And when you then look at how they are doing now, you are sometimes amazed at their continued popularity. This also applies to the dice game Craps. Gambling on the outcome of throwing dice has been around for a long time. However, you sometimes see that a specific element is added to the existing game. This happened some time ago with the game Craps online. Basically, nothing changed, but by adding something new, the dice game suddenly took on a new dimension, and the new variant is now called Street Dice.

From Craps to Street Dice

Were the changes that big? Were the adaptations such that they immediately brought Street Dice to great heights? No, we shouldn’t see it as that earth-shattering either. For clarity, we first visit the gambling city of Las Vegas. Next, we make our way to the Downtown Grand Hotel & Casino. Seth Schorr, the creator of the new variant and CEO of the said casino, gave it a new twist and went back to the original way it was played in the past. He says the following: “Street Dice is just unique. And that in a city like Las Vegas. With Street Dice, we can completely turn the casino experience in this city on its head.”

Seth Schorr’s enthusiasm was widely appreciated. But it was clear to everyone that the modifications to the game of Craps would not shake all of Las Vegas to its foundations. Street Dice resembles the time-honored Craps that you can play both on the street and in an online casino. Seth Schorr simplified some of the game’s rules, added slightly larger dice, and created something even more unique. He wanted Street Dice – certainly to live up to its name – to be played in the streets again. So he promoted it in his own casino. He was happy to invite his guests outside to play the game of Street Dice on his doorstep.

Rules of Craps

To get a feel for the Street Dice game, it might be helpful to tell a little about the basics of the game, namely Craps. The rules are simple. You should also imagine that the game used to be played only on the streets. Complex rules don’t suit a game that must be played quickly on the street. Quick? Yes, there will be a profit to be made. Craps is all about gambling on the outcome of the dice throw. It is also possible to gamble on a combination of the two dice. If these outcomes correspond to the predetermined possibilities of winning, then you have won. Apart from some variants, only that is the core of the game.