Barangaroo casino to be opened soon

Crown Resorts to Open a Casino in Barangaroo Soon

Many gambling fans have been eagerly following the investigations into the money laundering incidents at Crown Resorts over the past few months.

Although the incidents can only be attributed to the casinos currently in operation, the license for the casino that has not yet opened has been revoked. Now the gambling company is hoping that the resort in Barangaroo can be opened soon.

We want to reveal all the background to this.

Hope Lies in Adherence to Compliance Rules

There is no valid reason even to start the casino opening in Barangaroo. The license for this casino was revoked after the incidents regarding money laundering came to light. Fortunately for the gambling company, this was only a temporary revocation.

It was made clear from the beginning that the group had a chance to regain the license. The license conditions and the compliance rules had to be adhered to one hundred percent for this to happen.

But what do the compliance rules require? They state that the casino has to check their customers better. Such a check is to determine where the money comes from. If the amount deposited does not match the player’s circumstances, it can be assumed that the money comes from criminal organizations. This must be investigated so that no money laundering can be carried out. As obvious as this sounds, Crown has violated this in the past.

In the investigation, it came to light that the management knew about the incidents and did nothing about the so-called VIP customers. Likewise, Crown should never have worked with junket operators. Ending the business relationship with junket operators was set as a condition.

Will Crown Resorts Get its License Back?

Conditions were set for Crown Resorts to get the license for Barangaroo back. The company is confident of its progress and, for this reason, expects to get the license back. Once this is the case, the resort at Barangaroo can also open. However, the gambling company hopes that the opening can be carried out as early as January.

The hope for an early opening of the new Crown Casino was expressed at a conference with investors. These, of course, also have a very great interest in the casino opening.

In recent months, it has also been published several times that Crown is adhering to the conditions, and thus the chances of receiving the license are increasing. However, it is impossible to estimate how quickly this will happen.

It may be necessary to wait and see how further investigations turn out. After all, the casino in Sydney was suspected of money laundering. Analyses were also carried out in other Crown casinos.

For this reason, it was made clear from the beginning that the license would only be activated if all casinos abided by the rules.

High Rollers Still Necessary for Crown

Although VIP customers were a major problem and led to the money laundering incidents in the first place, Crown will continue to make efforts to attract them. A separate large area for high roller pokie players is built in the casino in Barangaroo. This will cover four floors and offer a high level of gaming enjoyment on an area of 20,000 square meters.

Only the future will show whether the gambling operator is doing itself a favor. What is essential is that no more Chinese players are accepted. Given that Suncity – Crown’s leading partner has closed down completely, future VIP customers could be players with a clean slate. For now, future players are even allowed to view the premises.

The Crown Resort in Barangaroo has not yet opened as a casino. The hotels and other entertainment facilities it contains are already open and may be used. This decision was a small consolation for Crown after the casino was not open.

VIP Customers also Very Important in Online Casinos

VIP customers are not only highly regarded in local casinos. Online casinos also make an effort to attract this target group and even offer them their rooms.

Players only have access to these digital rooms if they have earned the status of VIP customer through the loyalty program. In this case, the online casino grants exceptionally high bonuses and numerous free spins. These can be used in a classic casino game or on a slot.

For this reason, not only the gambling provider is happy about VIP customers. This group of players is also pleased about their status, and not only because of the bonuses.

The VIP rooms usually have space at a gaming table that is not always available for “normal” customers.