Best games to win money with online gambling

Different Options to Win Money with Gambling

You can write a whole book about casino games that do not allow you to make money in the long run.

On the other hand, you can fill a small page with the casino games that will enable you to beat the casino or have the chance to win money.

It is essential to know the difference between these casino games.

On this page, we’ll teach you which casino games allow you to influence the odds in the long run and make money from gambling yourself. We also teach you the rules of the game and how to play these games, which determine how much money you win or lose.

In the final sections of this page, we’ll focus on casino games that are good to play if you’re looking for a way to win money gambling.

  • Online blackjack
  • Blackjack in land-based casinos
  • Live blackjack
  • Playing poker against other people
  • Online video poker variants (with good RTP)

The Thing Why You Can’t Win

A big problem why you can’t win money in most casino games is that you need to have luck on your side to win a few times, but the longer you keep playing, the more money you lose.

Of course, this is precisely what is expected from a business. A business is supposed to make money. Think of casinos as businesses that also need to make a living to keep their doors open.

To be a winning gambler, you need to recognize casino games where strategies can influence the odds. There are many games where it is impossible to win money in the long run. There are several forms of gambling where it is possible.

The following sections will discuss the best options for winning money in gambling. One of them is betting on sports. Are you a fan of a team? Do you have a favorite dart player? Do you like to watch Formula 1? It doesn’t matter what you want; all sports are covered.

Live betting is possible, and by looking up the correct information or knowing the form of a team in advance, you can create an advantage for yourself. Various combination bets are possible to absorb losses.

In poker, it works differently because you need to get an edge over other players.

The fact is that casinos always have a house edge on casino games they add to their range. In the long run, many gamblers can’t beat the casino. Only in some forms of gambling can you speak of games where it would be possible to win money in the long run. These are blackjack, video poker.

How the Rules of the Game Affect the Chances of Winning

Each casino or game has its own unique rules, affecting the house edge or payout percentages of games. Some games have a low payout percentage, while some video slots payout over 99%.

Table games are among casino games where you can get over 100% payout percentage by using an optimal strategy or knowing which game rules are suitable for the house edge.

The rules for playing video pokies are simple and do not change much from machine to machine. The regulations at blackjack tables vary a lot, and some game rules make the payout percentage higher than other game rules.

This means that you need to learn about two things. The first is which games offer the best payout percentages, which variants are suitable, and how each variant changes the odds.

Some games in the casino with a high payout percentage are constantly changing the rules. Baccarat has options that offer good odds, and the rules are the same at almost every table. In this case, all you can do is know which betting options are best to place each time you play.

The Rest is about How You Play

Now it’s all about how you start learning how casino games work and how you have the opportunity to win money. Everything you have learned so far is about how high the payout percentage of games is. Now you need to know how you can turn this percentage to your advantage.

If you concentrate on playing games with a high payout percentage, the fact is that if you keep playing games where the casino still has a slight house edge, you will still end up losing money. This is how most casino games work.

But you don’t have to do what the casino wants you to do. You can learn about games that will help you win money. This starts with learning to use a strategy for each game you play. But this is not enough. It would help if you took everything to the next level.

You can find good blackjack games online and use a perfect blackjack strategy but still not make any money in the long run. But there is a way to beat blackjack and a few other gambling forms.

Playing Blackjack

Blackjack is the best casino game we recommend if you are an intelligent player and want a chance to win money. This is because you can use an advanced strategy to get ahead of the house.

Here and plenty of other places on the internet you can get a detailed explanation of how card counting works. You can eventually get a significant advantage by counting cards in the casino at the blackjack tables if you have kept track of the count.

By increasing your bet as soon as the deck contains more aces and tens, you ensure better odds in the long run. It is even possible to get an edge on the casino at blackjack in some specific situations.

However, you need to ensure that you are not recognized as a card counter by the employees. Gradually increase the stakes in order not to be noticed.

There’s a chance you’ll be thrown out of the casino or denied access to the blackjack tables.

Online Video Poker

Several online video poker games come with a payout percentage above 100%. Full Pay Deuces Wild video poker is the best known of them. With the two in the game, you can replace other cards because it serves as a ‘wild’ card. Think of it as a joker that can replace any card.

You receive five cards in a first turn and get a second chance to form a five-card hand. The poker hand values are based on Texas Hold’em poker game rules.

Play Deuces Wild Full Pay if you want to play with a payout percentage of 100.74%. This means that you will make an average profit of 0.74 dollar per 100 dollars, you wager in the long run.

You must play with a maximum of five credits to win the high jackpot prize.

In video poker, the jackpot is won with a Royal Flush, and this pays out extra credits as soon as you have set 5 credits on the machine.


The biggest thing with most of the games you play is that they are made so that they give you no chance of winning. Added rules make most games that way.

Fortunately, there are still some forms of gambling available in land-based or online casinos where you do have the chance to make money from gambling.

All that is needed is the correct information for finding these casino games and recognizing them.You find this here!