Can we expect to play in a metaverse casino in Australia

Metaverse Online Casinos: Virtual worlds, NFTs, and Cryptocurrency in the Metaverse

The term metaverse is on everyone’s lips. But what is the Metaverse or Metaversum? Facebook has renamed itself Meta, clearly showing the direction the company wants to develop.

Technology such as 3D glasses and headsets already allow us to experience virtual worlds impressively. Metaverse combines virtualities and the natural world and is thus more than just a computer game.

Will we be playing in Metaverse online casinos in the future? Is the Metaverse still science fiction or just a new name for the internet and the answer to the Covid-19 pandemic since we shop and work at home?

We take the term apart and provide solutions, plus we look at Decentral Games, the first online casino in the Metaverse!

What is Meant by Metaverse?

The term metaverse itself is meta and universe, meaning a whole universe beyond our own. Science fiction, then, or simply a lofty term for everything on the internet, or will it be possible in the future?

When companies, researchers, and big names in the tech industry currently talk about the Metaverse, they are talking about digital platforms that have some or all of these characteristics:

  • Functions cover existing internet applications and often connect the real and virtual world, such as Google Maps.
  • An environment mapped by 3D graphics in real-time and with personalized characters for users, so-called avatars.
  • An immersive experience or augmentation of the representation through virtual reality and augmented reality hardware such as headsets or 3D glasses and future inventions in the field.
  • The possibility for social and personal interaction with other users in a setting that does not necessarily correspond to the competition and goals of computer games.
  • The potential for users to create and run their virtual environments and to create trade, and virtual barter items.
  • Connecting existing economic cycles so that real profit is possible with virtual things, as well as trade and payments across platforms.

Why is the Definition of the Metaverse so Tricky?

There is no universally valid definition of the Metaverse. If we think of science fiction, there is often a virtual world, good or bad, where everyone resides, such as the Matrix in the film of the same name or The Oasis in the book Ready Player One by Ernest Cline.

However, virtual worlds of the most diverse kind have already existed, and many more are being developed or planned. Metaverse is emerging as the generic term for the sum and plurality of all these worlds, loosely based on the principle: many connected worlds, one universe. Even Facebook admits that no company can claim the Metaverse for itself and speaks of a “multitude of virtual spaces.”

Many Networked Virtual Worlds can Together Form a Metaverse

A good paraphrase is provided by venture capitalist Matthew Ball, who writes about the various aspects of the Metaverse in The Metaverse Primer:

“The metaverse is a massively scaled and interoperable network of real-time 3D virtual worlds that a virtually unlimited number of users can experience synchronously and persistently, with continuity of data such as identity, timing, permissions, objects, communications, and payments.”

Matthew Ball thus makes an important point: a single world does not constitute a universe. A single version of virtual reality alone does not include a metaverse. A metaverse in the sense of “beyond” our universe only emerges when we connect the many virtual spaces that exist and will exist into a network.

Metaverse Casinos: Play online and Earn Cryptocurrency

Decentral Games is a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) within Decentraland. The names sound similar but have nothing to do with each other. Decentral Games offers gambling and casino games within Decentraland, making it the first Metaverse online casino community.

In a DAO, cryptocurrency holders get a say and can vote on the community’s future, for example, which games are offered. Those who invest in the so-called DG tokens can also receive passive income through this. Decentral Games itself puts it this way: With DG Tokens, holders can be players and bankers simultaneously, as they can have a say in how the profits are spent.

DG Tokens can also be won through gambling. Currently, the offer consists of slots with five reels, roulette tables for up to eight players, and the European roulette variant, blackjack tables for up to four players, and poker tables for two to six players.

Players are not limited to one casino, however. So far, there are six different Decentral Games venues:

  • Tominoya: The Japanese-style casino spans two floors, each with three wings and a conference center upstairs where live video streams are held.
  • Atari: The Atari Casino has an open floor plan and a design inspired by the iconic Atari logo.
    Satoshi Castle: This casino combines Art Deco inspiration, theatre, nightclub, and stratosphere.
  • DEXT Poker Lounge: There are eight Texas Holdem poker tables here, located in a skyscraper penthouse and accessible via a teleporter on the ground floor.
  • Bored Ape Yacht Club: This gaming venue combines a zoo and riverboat casino with ape croupiers stylized in the style of a hugely popular NFT collection.
  • Aquarium: The casino is designed with an underwater theme and neon lights, water art, and virtual fish.
  • ICE Poker: Decentral Games offers ICE Poker, a free-to-play variant where cryptocurrency can be won. Players invest in virtual clothing in NFTs for their avatar and receive ICE tokens in return, which can be used at the poker table.

Players can play poker for free and win cryptocurrency at Decentral Games’ Metaverse online casino.

The winnings in cryptocurrency can also be used for other casino games. Players can also earn ICE tokens through rankings and other promotions.

Off to the Metaverse?

The range of virtual worlds already looks colorful, diverse, and even somewhat confusing.

With cryptocurrencies and NFTs, developers are breaking new ground and creating the first solutions for the challenges of tomorrow when it comes to networking different worlds.