Can you trust a random nummer generator in online casinos

Is a Random Number Generator reliable?

There aren’t many gamblers who know what a Random Number Generator is. Every legal online casino in Australia must have one as it determines the results of all casino games. While you’re undoubtedly aware of RNG if you gamble regularly, you may still question how it works. We try to understand better how a Random Number Generator works on this page and how it functions. More importantly, can RNGs at online casinos be trusted? If you’re playing for real money, this is one of the most important questions you can ask yourself.

Random Number Generator – the basics

The Random Number Generator is exactly what it sounds like. They are programs that pull a specific number and convert it into results. There are many such programs, but we are talking about here being part of the gambling industry. The RNG can also be found in computer simulations. The RNG does not require any external factor to determine results.

Other RNGs may consist of numbers or data entered beforehand. The algorithm spits out a million numbers almost every second. So the moment the number comes up, it is as random as possible. But because the algorithms use mathematical ratios to calculate and produce the results, RNGs are never completely 100% random. By playing at legal online casinos, you can ensure that the Random Number Generator is working correctly.

Why RNG?

With the rapidly growing technology and popularity of video slots, casinos had to develop another way to keep things more attractive for gamblers. Online casinos needed a clear path for players to enjoy games that still guarantee accurate random results. The Random Number Generator is needed for much more than just video slots.

The truth is that without RNG, online casinos could not exist because otherwise, they could not measure that other casino games are fair. One of the biggest things that stopped players from gambling online is that the gambler did not know whether the online casino offers good results.

Can fraudsters influence the RNG?

It is possible, but as mentioned above, there are more and more checks on the honesty of the gambling company behind the online casino. The algorithms must work perfectly against hackers, and the security systems must be in place to keep malicious people out. An online casino must act quickly if it were to happen, but the chances are minimal nowadays as they use the latest security protocols.

RNG isn’t just for online casinos

You might think that RNG is only used in the online gambling industry. Still, most games in land-based casinos also use an RNG to determine results on modern slot machines, video roulette, or blackjack slots. You can choose to play in the live casino to get results without RNG.

A live dealer then determines the results. There are exciting game shows, and you can choose from dozens of live roulette and live blackjack variations. But if you opt for online casino games, you have to assume that the RNGs determine the outcomes. Well-known machines entirely based on this are keno, video poker games, or video slots. The advantage of advanced video technology goes hand in hand with the RNG to create some of the most exciting video slots.


You now know that the RNG is programmed to produce unexpected results on casino games. Did you also know that there are measurements to ensure that the payout percentages are as they say they are? Every game is programmed to where the house has an edge on every bet. If the payout percentages of games are too low or too high, an online casino is caught off guard and even risk losing its casino license. Independent testing agencies do tests and check the software carefully.


The Random Number Generator means what it says it does. Online casinos have embraced RNGs because it is the only way to produce online casino results. Moreover, gamblers need to be sure that all results are random. Play at a legalized online casino to know that a Random Number Generator is reliable.