Common mistakes in australian live casinos

The Mistakes of Live Dealers

Live dealer casinos are becoming increasingly popular in the online gambling world. Many people take up the job behind the gaming table because of the excitement and love of the game. Therefore, this is a great way to learn more by looking behind the scenes. Mistakes in live games are encouraged by several factors. In the heat of the moment, anything is possible; after all, dealers are human. This article will focus on them and some common mistakes that have made the dealer the real story. Find out the most common mistakes made by live dealers in our article!

The main reasons for making a mistake

What do you need to play a live casino game? Take, for example, the level of software used by both sides. If some of the equipment has not been updated regularly, you may experience problems. And this is already the case when the website loads. Another reason is the internet connection. If it is not strong enough, you can be kicked out of a room in the middle of your hand. These two are not primarily the live dealers’ faults, but they can cause anxiety and confusion. The mistakes of live games have different faces. And the last two could definitely trip you up or the dealer up a bit and lead to live dealer missteps. Let’s now talk about croupiers and their role in any errors.

Damaged equipment

One of the most commonly damaged devices is the card reader. The device on the table covers the entire device before the stack holder. Every time the player selects an online casino game, regardless of an ordinary poker game or especially the ultimate Texas Hold’em, they should look for this tape.

It will be exciting for dealers without much experience to see what the cards are, and they will most likely get a glimpse. Of course, they will rarely admit it, but you should call the manager or pit boss if you notice such behavior. Yes, online casinos have people like this too, and along with the cameras, they create excitement.

Is the dealer a novice?

You will all agree that most of the new employees are still green behind the ears and more likely to commit a mistake. They have all the data, rules, regulations, and exceptions. But without the years of practice, it is a whole different ball game. The desire to learn and improve might help the newbies and encourage them to avoid unwanted missteps by live dealers.

On the contrary, all this can be good news for the players. So some of you may stay calm if the dealer mixes something up with the bets or cards, especially if it is the poker dealer’s mistake, as long as it does not stop the round or is not a significant loss for you or the table.

When the dealer is stressed

We can all say that some of the players can be really annoying. Some just roll like that. Others do it on purpose to cause mistakes by the poker dealer. So many questions during the game, pushy players, is the end of the shift near, all the money going from one person to another, and much more can distract and influence the dealer. So it’s a good decision to change tables if you spot such behavior. After all, you don’t have to ruin your game by the other players’ mistakes.

Live casino – types of dealer missteps.

They depend on the game. After all, the rules are a bit colorful, and the mistakes made by live dealers at a poker table, a blackjack table, or a roulette table differ in some ways. Some relate to the shuffling of cards, others to the speed of dealing, etc. In the following paragraphs, we will explain several cases that give clues as to what to do in each situation.

Let’s start with the misunderstandings. If the croupier deals with the wrong number of cards or shuffles incorrectly, take a moment to consider the various environmental factors and react accordingly. For example, let’s say a dealer deals a card face up. The best thing you can do is wait until the deal is done. Then the card is called “the burned card” and is replaced by the next card.

A Redeal can be costly

Some casinos insist on a complete re-deal, which could be bad for you. Imagine you have AA and saying goodbye to them because someone made a mistake. You should just forget about that mistake and move on. Such examples point to the need to read the rules and regulations before you embark on the fantastic journey of live gambling. Be better prepared!

Another reason for rebooking may be due to a connection delay. A mistake by the poker dealer could happen by revealing the turn card even before the button you pressed acted on the flop. Now everyone had seen the card. A common practice is to put them in the deck and shuffle them. This can happen with more than one card.

When it comes to blackjack, many players want to witness the shuffling of the cards. Unfortunately, those doing the shuffling are real people, so mistakes can happen. Missteps by live dealers can happen at any time, for example, with a dealer who flipped up the front card in his shoe and picked up the second card to lay it out for the player. He then dealt himself the same card, which led to winning the game. Even if such events are incredibly unusual, they can be really annoying. Therefore, you should keep an eye on the dealer.

Players’ reactions to dealers’ mistakes

First of all, the best live casinos in Australia lack such incompetence and wildly inappropriate Texas Hold’em dealer mistakes. Mistakes happen, but they are mainly due to software errors or connection problems. On the other hand, missteps by live dealers in favor of the house occur frequently. Not much is done in favor of the player to even the odds.

What you can do in most cases depends on your mood. Sometimes your hand is a 100% win, and if the dealer accidentally turns over a card or deals a card after a sign, it is imperative to report it to the supervisor. On the other hand, some players say nothing if the live dealer’s mistake is not fatal to them or if it is better for the whole game to just let the mistake stand.

After all, the tournament or game could be interrupted if the floor manager is called every time a small mistake is made, which is annoying. Furthermore, you can always turn to the live chat at online casinos with live dealers if you need help.


The topic of gambling is immense, even when it comes to dealer mistakes. The following questions and answers should help you find the answer you’re looking for and get back to the table in no time. Of course, it is always better if you learn something about how things are done and have some examples. On the other hand, a trained eye for common dealer mistakes requires more practice. This article should help you with that, and you should not hesitate to use it as a tool. Here are the frequently asked questions regarding mistakes in live games.