Experience the nostalgia of classic pokies here

How do Classic and Video Pokies Differ?

With the rise of online gambling, some of the most beautiful new games have been developed. They are games that cannot be compared to the old traditional pokie machines.

Yet some want to experience the nostalgia of the old pokie machine online.

This is why yesteryear’s classic physical pokie machines are now being converted to online versions.

Number of Reels

The quickest way to tell which category a pokie machine belongs to is to look at the number of reels. Classic pokies only had three reels. Video pokies often have 5 or 6 reels.


Traditional pokies with three reels automatically have fewer winning lines. It is rare if they still have one pay line. Usually, they have 5 to 9 pay lines.

Video pokies have 20 or 25 pay lines as standard. There are also “megaways” pokie machines with ten thousand winning combinations.

Special Features

The extra features belong to the video pokies. There might be a free spin or bonus feature or multiplier with a classic pokie machine, but that’s about it.

The video pokies have several extra features in one game.

The Characters on the Reels

Online classic pokies usually try to mimic a physical pokie machine. They stick to basic themes. These typically consist of bars, bells, and lucky sevens.

Video pokies exploit the full potential of computers to create stunning games.

Entire fantasy worlds are built with themes from ancient Egypt, for example, or from a science fiction series.