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Which Numbers Fall Most Often in Roulette?

Roulette is a game that fascinates most gambling enthusiasts. However, predicting where the ball will fall is impossible, and this is what causes players to combine frustration and fascination.

One of the questions players most often ask themselves is: Which numbers fall most often in roulette?

We will try to answer that question for you, but it won’t be the answer they were hoping for many people. What exactly are the roulette numbers that fall often? You’ll find out below.

At least this way, you’ll know what to expect from the different numbers in roulette.

Trends and Patterns in Roulette

Many roulette players are firm believers: there are patterns in roulette. You can think of the roulette ball falling on a particular side of the wheel with above-average frequency.

Therefore, many roulette providers offer an overview of the last throws, usually the previous 20. Players who suspect trends often turn this series inside to analyze a particular pattern.

The purpose of this? To provide a specific roulette strategy.

Which Roulette Numbers Fall Most Often?

“Number 7 falls most often”! Or “Number 7 has fallen most often in the last half hour”; these are not uncommon statements, and some players manage to enthuse others for specific ‘hot’ numbers.

Academics and mathematicians are somewhat less enthusiastic about the existence of fixed patterns because there are none to come straight to the point. What does exist in roulette is complete randomness. That does not mean that the number 7 will not hit the spot a few times in a row, but that is the charm of randomness.

In the long run, all I can say is that every number has an equal chance of falling. Specific patterns do not influence the roulette wheel.

Roulette Ball has No Memory

That’s not surprising since the roulette wheel has no memory. Yes, number 7 can fall three times in a row, but the probability of number 11 falling each time is simply 1 in 37 (numbers 1 to 36 + the 0).

The chance of number 10 falling is, for that matter, just as high as that of number 9. In the short term, there may be deviations, as is the case with any game of chance, but in the long term, the probability of each number falling is the same.

Therefore, there are no specific roulette numbers that fall frequently.

Predicting Roulette Numbers

Predicting roulette numbers is not possible, but game makers cleverly capitalize on the idea that roulette numbers can indeed be expected. The “Hot & Cold Numbers” try to give players the belief that roulette numbers fall often.

Now, it’s possible that in one playing session, a certain number will fall very often, but in the long run, it will always be straightened out.

After all, there are no numbers that appear more than once on the roulette wheel, except for the extra ’00’ in American Roulette, of course.

Most Popular Roulette Numbers

Specific patterns can be discerned by which numbers are played most often. Many people have a favorite number that is consistently played.

To Resume

The following can be said about this:

7: For many people, this is the number for luck.
Numbers 1 to 31: are also popular because of important dates such as birthdays or other anniversaries.

Therefore, the numbers 32 to 36 are often not popular. There are no actual dates on these.