Find out which type of pokie player you are

Six Types of Pokie Players: To Which Do You Belong?

All people are different; Nevertheless, they can all be divided into just five or six different personality types – at least that’s what numerous studies claim.

Those who play pokies also pursue a different strategy to win, depending on their personality. Each type has its preferences regarding playing style, approach, and goals.

Which type of pokie player are you? Find out here!

The Conservatives

Those who think carefully about approaching pokie gaming have a goal in mind and will not deviate from it. They have made a plan for their bets that will get them there.

For example, if they play a game with a high variance and a large payout ratio, conservatives know full well that their big moment will come. They have to wait patiently to trigger the bonus features and the free spins rounds.

Conservative players wager careless the same amount of money with every spin. Even a prolonged losing streak cannot scare them away. This type of player knows that luck will not be long in coming with time and patience.

“Now on Everything” – The Go-Getters

Unlike conservative players, daredevils – as the name suggests – recklessly chase after the large sums of money that could change their entire lives.

Typically, these players play jackpot pokies or high variance pokie machines. While this risky style of play holds out the prospect of high rewards, it can also lead to protracted periods where not a single winning combination comes up.

Suppose you belong to this category of players. In that case, you can balance this playstyle by betting cautiously now and then like the conservative players and then jumping back in with a risky caracho.

The Thrifty

In a perfect world, we’d hit the jackpot every time we tried our luck on our favorite pokie machine – at the very least, we should trigger a few free spins for the maximum chance of a gigantic payday.

Smart pokie players – let’s call them the frugal ones – know that this doesn’t always happen. That’s why they tend to focus on small, steady wins in the main game. In doing so, they rely on a sophisticated betting plan and the simple and not-so-high-quality winning combinations of symbols.

The thrifty are generally conservative players but do not need the big emotional kick for maximum gaming fun.

The Machines

Some people like to spend their free time with a good book; others watch a movie or “binge-watch” an entire season of a series right away. Others switch off, bypassing a few hours with a video game.

All these fans of pop culture have in common that they sometimes don’t even notice how quickly time passes them by. Some videogame players also behave similarly.

The hypnotic, repetitive spinning of the reels can put some gamblers into a trance-like state. If you discover this behavior in yourself, the healthiest thing to do is to put your phone or tablet away now and then or get up from your PC to get some fresh air outside.

Distancing yourself from the game in between helps to keep a cool head and not make hasty decisions when the machine wheels are rolling.

Backing Away from Reality

Sometimes life goes to your head. Whether it’s a stressful period at work or difficulties with family or friends, sometimes it can even help to pull back with a pokie game and focus on the spins.

Of course, there is also a particular risk involved in gambling for this type of player, especially if they are emotionally charged. However, as long as you stay calm and act sensibly – especially when it comes to betting levels – there’s no reason why withdrawers shouldn’t still enjoy the thrill of a few spins.

In times of bad mood, an endorphin rush is just what we need to make us smile again. And not every pastime accomplishes this as effectively as a pokie game.

“Just One More Spin” – The Gluttons

If it’s getting harder and harder to stop gambling, consider the possibility that a severe problem is developing.

There is nothing wrong with wanting to experience the thrill of another spin, especially if you are on a roll or feel like a win is “due.” However, it is essential to keep a clear head and control your actions.

One way you can ensure that your gambling activities don’t go off the rails is to impose a limit on your budget on yourself every time you gamble. This way, you can keep the damage down on a bad day.

For example, in almost all online casinos, you can use reality checks that regularly show you your winnings and losses. You can also impose deposit limits or time out from gambling. This makes it easier for you to let go of gambling once you have lost money and keep losses to a minimum.

If you are unsure what type of player you are, try pokies for free and find out.