Finding the best online blackjack casino bonuses

Everything Aussies need to know about the Blackjack Bonus

Blackjack bonus: every blackjack player will benefit from it, as long as favorable bonus conditions. On this page, you will learn about bonuses like the blackjack deposit and the live blackjack bonus.

This guide will give you all the information to find the best online blackjack bonus for you and get off to a flying start. The focus of this guide is on online blackjack and live blackjack at Australian online casinos.

Bonuses can help players significantly, but the conditions set by the online casinos determine how attractive the bonus is. When claiming your next blackjack bonus, you will learn what to look for.

Blackjack bonuses: what should you know?

Blackjack bonuses are helpful for everyone, as they lower your average wager and directly impact your net return. Blackjack promos are distributed in many casinos, but they are not equally beneficial in all of them. Therefore, extra attention should be paid to bonuses for table games in general and, in this case, also to blackjack bonuses. Blackjack bonuses may be either partially valid for blackjack or exclusively intended for blackjack games.

Online blackjack bonuses

Blackjack bonuses online come in two forms: online table games and live casino games. It is important to note that each variant may come with its terms and conditions and that bonuses for one platform do not necessarily mean that they are valid for the other. This is stated in the bonus terms. There may be specific bonuses for online table games and even online blackjack, but more commonly, a general welcome bonus is (partially) valid for blackjack.

Types of blackjack bonuses

Online casinos may offer various types of bonuses, and some of them are relevant to blackjack. The relevance of the bonus is equally important to mention; for example, free spins are very common but cannot be claimed for blackjack games as they are only valid for video slots. The bonuses listed below are common to blackjack games:

  • Welcome Bonus: This is a standard bonus designed to entice and welcome new players. The welcome bonus offers typically a certain percentage of the first deposit in bonus money. This is a blackjack deposit bonus. It is usually not a bonus specific to blackjack, but it does allow you to play blackjack with a bit of luck. However, it may be that table games are excluded. In that case, the bonus is of no use at all in blackjack.
  • Reload bonus: This is the same as the welcome bonus. You get a percentage on top of your deposit. Therefore, this is also a blackjack deposit bonus, but for everyone. However, the difference is that the welcome bonus can only be claimed by new players who create an account and the reload bonus is meant for every player. The same features apply to this bonus as to the welcome bonus for blackjack.
  • Cashbacks: this is where you get money back for losses. This does not sound like the ideal starting situation, but you get a percentage back of the lost money. Moreover, the conditions are usually less strict than with other bonuses. Cashbacks can also be valid for blackjack. The rate depends on the casino and may even differ if you are a VIP member or have points in a loyalty program.
  • Live blackjack bonus: The live blackjack bonus comes in several forms. Either the live blackjack bonus comes as part of the available bonus which usually means that the promo is partially valid for live casino games. Alternatively, the live blackjack bonus can be offered as an exclusive bonus valid only for live blackjack and has no value for other casino games. The latter promo is the most beneficial as the highest contribution to the wagering requirements. Since games like blackjack also require a certain amount of skill and experience, it is less attractive for operators to offer bonuses for table games. For the same reason, bonuses for slots are a lot more user-friendly. The player does not influence the outcome when playing video slots, as these depend entirely on randomness.

The importance of bonus terms

The bonus terms are nowhere more critical than with table games in an online casino. The reason is that most bonuses are designed for video slots and to a much lesser extent for table games and live games (which includes live table games). The reason to pay extra attention to the terms is that they can be less favorable for blackjack enthusiasts. Please note, among other things:

  • Rounds requirements: these are also known as wagering requirements. Note that these for a blackjack bonus are stricter than those for a regular bonus. This is because players influence table games like blackjack. Do you have experience in blackjack? Then you have an advantage over others. In video slots, the outcome depends much more on luck than skill. The more it depends on the player, the less lucrative it usually is for the house. This is compensated for by a lower contribution to the winning conditions. The playthrough requirements mean that the bonus amount must be claimed x times to withdraw winnings.
  • Profit limits: about that. Many casinos also work with profit limits on their bonuses. This way, they want to cover themselves that you can suddenly make countless profits with free money.
  • Maximum Stakes: This also applies to the maximum bet. Imagine that you are a high roller and suddenly want to make a big bet that falls your way. You might then lower your chances again until you play through the wagering requirements and can withdraw your winnings. This is an undesirable situation for the casino.