Former US police sergeant played with stolen bank cards

Former Sergeant Embezzles Money to Gamble Online

Detroit – A 23-year-old former sergeant of the Detroit Police Corps faces a prison sentence of up to 10 years.

Derek Loranger allegedly embezzled more than $30,000 and stole bank cards.

These cards were intended for prisoners he was holding. He used the money to gamble online.

The Charges Against Loranger

Derek Loranger played a double role in the Detroit Detention Center. In addition to his work with the police, he embezzled money from prisoners. Prisoners paid Loranger in cash upon arrival.

He loaded this money onto stolen bank cards.

According to prosecutors, Loranger used the money for online gambling. He embezzled more than $30,000. Loranger is accused of stealing at least ten bank cards between January and August 2021 and then loading them with cash from prisoners.

This money was spent on multiple gambling sites.

An Investigation by the Detroit Police Corps

The Detroit Police Corps began investigating Loranger in October 2021. A routine check revealed anomalies. In other words, facts cannot be explained.

Shortly after that, Loranger resigned from the police force.

The Hearing

During his arraignment, Loranger pleaded not guilty to several criminal offenses. These include embezzlement, using a computer to commit a crime, misconduct in office, and ten counts of possessing a stolen financial device for financial transactions (bank card).

According to court documents, Loranger did not utter a word during the arraignment.

The court entered the not guilty plea on his behalf.

The judge advised Loranger to enroll in a program for gambling problems. For example, Gamblers’ Anonymous.

Trust in the Police Force has been Damaged

Prosecutor Kym Worthy said, “The evidence will show that the defendant held a position of trust in the Detroit Detention Center – a place where detainees are completely dependent on others for their care. This cannot be tolerated. No one deserves to have their money taken away from them, no one, and certainly not for their money to end up in the hands of an agent.”

This is not the first time an agent in America has been punished for corruption concerning online gambling.

In July 2021, Nicholas Stella, a former Chicago police officer, was sentenced to 15 months in prison for an illegal gambling operation linked to organized crime.

Another Illinois cop, John Abamile, was given six months house arrest for a similar crime two months later.

Abamile’s lawyer stated that his client suffered from a long-term gambling addiction.

Get Help for a Gambling Addiction

These scandals show how important it is to seek help for a gambling problem or gambling addiction. Addiction can lead to significant financial, psychological, and social issues. The situations described even lead to criminal acts.

Various symptoms can recognize a gambling problem or gambling addiction. If you acknowledge one or more of the following symptoms, please consider seeking professional help:

  •  You think about gambling constantly and can’t resist the urge to gamble.
  •  To achieve excitement or compensate for the loss of money, you gamble with increasing amounts of money.
  •  The debts pile up, yet you do not reduce or stop gambling.
  •  You lie to those around you to hide your gambling.
  •  You consider or engage in criminal behavior to pay for your gambling.
  •  You only see what you can win and lose the awareness of the value of money.

Online casinos with a proper license take steps to prevent a gambling problem or gambling addiction. Think of the possibility of setting time or deposit limits or self-exclusion.

We believe that gambling should remain fun.

Although you always play to win, it is essential to always play with money you can afford to lose.