Fuss about gambling on Twitch

Twitch Pokies Streamers get paid Millions In Sponsorship deals

There has been a growing fuss surrounding gambling on Twitch in recent weeks. Popular Twitch streamer “xQc” recently revealed that his gambling addiction is out of control, while “Mizkif” has turned down a sponsorship deal of a whopping $10 million a year. “Trainwreck,” says he earns millions a year gambling at Stake.com.

Last year, “Slots” was the second most viewed category in the non-gaming section on the streaming platform Twitch. There were a whopping 287 million hours of viewing in this slots category during the year.

This month, gambling and slots are a hot topic within Twitch’s streaming community.

Gambling addiction Felix “xQc” Lengyel gets out of hand

Felix “xQc” Lengyel has become one of the most famous streamers in the world in recent years. He became known worldwide as a professional player of Overwatch, a multiplayer first-person shooter. Last year, there was some commotion because he also decided to start streaming gambling. It was a great success, as his viewer numbers increased significantly.

However, he eventually decided to stop gaming on Twitch again. In June 2021, he decided to stop with the gambling streams because of the controversy.

During one of his streams this week, he admitted that his gambling addiction had not stopped. In fact, he admits to gambling in every game he plays.

“TrainWreck” earns millions a month through sponsoring Stake

There has again been a lot of fuss about the gigantic sums of money going around in recent weeks. For example, the streamer behind the most popular Slots channel, “TrainWreck,” hinted at the staggering amount he receives for his gambling streams.

One of his followers mentioned in the chat that he had heard that “TrainWreck” received $1 million a month through a deal with Stake.com. TrainWreck’s response was self-explanatory, saying that the amounts paid to him by Stake were much more prominent.

“Mizkif” refuses $10 million a year for gambling on Twitch

While some popular Twitch streamers can’t refuse the millions of dollars from gambling companies, some streamers can resist the temptation of big money.

Matthew “Mizkif” Rinaudo, an American streamer with two million followers, was offered a massive sum of $ 10 million per year by an online casino. He had to gamble 15 hours a month on his Twitch channel.

Rinaudo admitted that the offer was highly tempting, as he could do a lot of good with the money.

Gambling at Stake popular on Twitch

Many streamers who gamble on Twitch play at stake.com. Stake is a so-called crypto casino where you can pay with eight different cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin. The gambling company is blocked in France and Belgium, among other countries. In Australia, the casino has no license either. The casino is also not available in the Netherlands, while it is still available in many other areas where it operates without a permit.

Stake conducts its marketing through Twitch pokies streams and other social media. The famous Canadian rapper Drake also plays regularly at Stake under the watchful eye of hundreds of thousands of followers. For example, in January, he played roulette for $200,000 a spin on the site, and in February, he shared that he made an immense cash contribution to the crypto casino with his Super Bowl bets. Although not confirmed, it seems inevitable that Drake also receives money from Stake for his streams.

So gambling on Twitch is allowed. The platform even has its own category for it. However, streamers on Twitch are not allowed to share (affiliate) links to online casinos. Yet this still happens a lot.

According to twitchadvertising, almost 75% of all Twitch viewers are between 16 and 34. According to statista, in 2019, 41% of all viewers were between 16 and 24. In Australia, online casinos are not allowed to target that category of minors and young adults anyway.