Gaming esports platform just for women

Raidiant: The New e-sports and Gaming Platform Just for Women

New Meta Entertainment, Inc. (NME), the e-sports and gaming media organization, and its e-sports team Dignitas have launched their media platform Raidiant. gg exclusively for women in gaming and e-sports. This initiative aims to promote female gamers. This was announced by NME and Dignitas in a press release on Thursday.

Raidiant represents the “next stage of Dignitas’ women’s initiative.” The new platform will offer educational, social, and competitive resources. In this way, female gamers will be provided new opportunities to build a career in e-sports.

Heather “sapphiRe” Garrozo of NME explains that “Raidiant” comes from the combination of ‘radiant’ and ‘raid.’ Raidiant, she says, is meant to bring these two meanings together to build a stronger community in the end.

Focus on Women at Events

To promote the presence of women at events, there will be a separate section on Raidiant. Event organizers of amateur and professional competitions, panels, and networking events are encouraged to submit their events for listing on the platform.

In addition, events organized by Raidiant itself are planned.

Women Benefit from Content on

The platform will offer several contents that are of interest to women players. This includes a catalog listing women’s tournaments, educational resources, digital content, e-sports teams, and influencer directories.

A news section is also planned on the site, where stories about women in gaming will be published. A community area offers the possibility of contacting other female gamers or even organizations.

Raidiant has also launched its Galaxy Partner Programme. This serves to establish contacts with large organizations that are also dedicated to increasing the presence of women in e-sports.

Current program members include NYX Professional makeup and performance wear company VIRUS International, Twitter, and Zoomph, which provides AI-based insights and analytics.

Who Has Joined Already?

Queer Women of Esports have also joined the program. The organization is considered a thought leader on diversity, equity, and inclusion in esports. Nerd Street Gamers aim to provide mentors for women and let them participate in-game broadcasts.

Rishi Chadha, Head of Gaming Content Partnerships at Twitter, comments:

Twitter is the home for all gaming conversations, and it’s our goal to help beginners and professional gamers grow their brands and connect with audiences in healthy and impactful ways. […]

He said the aim of the partnership is not to make a one-off appearance but to make a lasting commitment to the growth of women’s participation in e-sports.