Great opportunities for punters that play scratchies online

5 reasons why playing scratchies online is for you

Scratch cards are very popular in the Australia. They are available at various kiosks, tobacconists, and petrol stations, but also on the website of the Australian Lottery, and you can buy them and receive them at home.

Have you scratched three of the same symbols? Then you win the amount that is hidden underneath.

Reliable online casinos offer various scratchies on the internet. Scratching is done with the mouse instead of, for example, a coin.

The higher the stake, the higher the prizes you can win.

Are you curious about reasons to play online scratchies and wonder what the difference is with physical scratch cards? You’ll find the 5 reasons why playing scratch cards online is something for you on this page.

1. Scratchies online are very accessible

The number one reason why playing scratch cards online is very accessible. You don’t have to go to a shop to buy a scratch card. The scratch cards are available for real money at the best online gambling sites. Of course, you need an account to play for money, but creating one is faster than going to the shop.

2. You can play free online scratch cards

While you always have to buy physical scratch cards, online casinos allow you to try scratch cards for free. The online casino will give you credits for the game. After all, credits have been played, and you can refresh the page to play again.

Free scratch cards allow you to learn the game’s rules before making a deposit. Best of all, there is no need to install any software. All online scratch cards are completely free to access from your browser.

3. There are lots of different scratch cards & themes

Online casino software companies constantly look for challenges and ways to please their players with innovative games. For example, online scratch cards come in many shapes and sizes in the games offered by online casinos.

On most sites, they even have their game category. Here you can play dozens of types of scratch cards from different game makers and with all sorts of themes. This makes playing scratch cards online just a bit more interesting. Also, enjoy fun animations or unique bonus features that you can activate on these games.

4. You can buy scratch tickets from low stakes

Scratch cards online are cheaper than physical tickets that you can buy at a cigar shop, gas station, or supermarket. Punters can purchase online scratch cards for as little as $0.10. You can change the bet on the scratch card based on your budget after each turn. For beginners, cheap scratch cards are ideal for getting started. Who wouldn’t want to win big money for just a small amount?

5. The payout rate is higher than physical scratch cards.

One of the reasons online scratch cards are so interesting is that the payout rate is much higher than physical scratch cards in shops. This means that you have a better chance of getting a payout.

If the payout rate is 80% to 90%, then theoretically, you would lose $10 to $20 per $100 bet in the long run. However, with paper scratch cards, it’s a different story. A payout percentage of around 61.7% or even lower is usual.