Great tips to win more with scratchies in Australia

Win more money with online scratchies

It is a fact that with online scratchies you lose more often than you win. However, by making the right choices, it is possible to stay one step ahead of inexperienced players. We tell you how to win more money with online scratch cards.

While there are limits at the store and gas station on how many scratch cards you can buy, you can get unlimited scratch cards online. Find helpful tips on these pages to stick to while purchasing online scratch cards.

Setting your limits

Online scratch cards differ in design, odds, and style, but the most straightforward way you can compare them is based on limits. Online scratch cards usually cost you between $1 and $100, while paper scratch cards often sit at a limit of up to $10.

With the cheaper tickets, you win less often and get paid out less than more expensive scratch cards. For example, a £1 scratch card can result in a top prize in the hundreds. Scratch cards of $10 or more come with top prizes that run into the thousands of dollars.

Understand the odds

It is essential to understand the odds of winning in online scratch cards. The odds mean the chance that a scratch card will win money. If the odds are high, it does not mean that you have a greater chance of winning a jackpot, for example. However, an online scratch card is more valuable because you get a prize more quickly (although it may be little money).

Make sure you buy scratch cards with a good chance of winning and within your price range. If you plan to purchase several scratch cards, the lower limits with high odds are a good choice. However, more expensive scratch cards may be the best option for avid players.

Read the terms and conditions

There is always fine print on the back of a scratch card in physical stores. But also with online scratchies you should keep an eye on the terms and conditions. Often the odds of winning a prize are stated.

This is indicated by, for example, 1:5 or 1:10. One in five or ten lots is a winning scratch card. This does not mean that five scratch cards in a row will always win you money. It is an average percentage based on a long series of lots. The more chances of winning, the better.

Buy big or spread out

As mentioned in the previous tip, read the terms and conditions of scratch cards carefully. This also relates to how you purchase the lottery tickets. You often have a few scratch tickets within a lottery ticket package with a nice cash prize. If there are already some winning tickets out, it might be good to go to another location and purchase the scratch cards in a staggered manner.

It doesn’t really matter where you buy the scratch cards at online casinos, but the number of cards plays a significant role. The more scratch cards you buy, the closer you get to the theoretical odds of winning. So do you want to be assured of a winning scratch card? Then we recommend you to buy several scratch cards at a time.

Study scratch cards carefully

Before you start scratching, it’s best to pay attention to the design. For example, you might find an online scratch card with a theme that suits your interests. Also take a good look at the cash prizes you can win and how you can win money with scratch cards.

We also recommend staying longer on one scratch card if you haven’t won a good prize yet. It helps you to control the psychological impact of winning or losing. For example, you can choose not to play any other game until you have won a nice prize with the online scratch card.

Scratchies budget

At an online casino, you can decide what limits you’re going to play with. What is the maximum amount of money you would like to spend on online scratch cards? And how much money can you spend so that you can afford it? It is important to set a budget and stick to it. Never spend more money than your balance allows and resist chasing your losses. Online scratch cards are not getting any more favorable.

Quit when you win

If you win some money from a scratch card, it’s best to stop playing and try a different game in the online casino. Don’t start buying more scratch cards or stretching your budget. Even if it’s only for small amounts. The only way to win money with scratch cards online is to stop playing as soon as you’ve won a cash prize.


Although the scratch cards tips on this page may help, the online casino always wins in the long run, and you (probably) lose more than you win. Therefore, never spend more money than you can afford and play responsibly. But above all, have fun playing!