How to play profitable video poker in Australia

Best Ways to Win Money with Video Poker

You can play video poker profitably, but it is not easy. This makes Video Poker an exception to many of the casino games available. Of course, most video poker games do not offer you this opportunity to win money.

But there are a few variants you can play to win money in the long run with video poker.

This page explains the best ways to win at the casino, how to find the best video poker games, and what you need to know about the game to get the best results.

Choose the Jacks or Better or Deuces Wild Variants

We will talk about two of the most popular video poker variants. This does not mean that these are the only two games that offer good odds.
But there are a few reasons why these are the two to choose from and how you can win money with them.

The first reason is that both games are trendy. It is easier to find these games than most other versions. If you can’t find suitable video poker machines, the rest doesn’t matter. Therefore, it is better to stick to games that will certainly be present at every casino.

The second reason is that these two video poker variants are often available with good pay tables, and the right strategies for this can be found on the internet.

It’s vital to learn more about pay tables and why using an approach will help you win money.

Find the Best Pay Tables

Now that you know which video poker variants to focus on, you can look more closely at what to look for when you find these machines. The only difference with other games is the pay table with Deuces Wild or Jacks or Better.

The payout table that the game uses determines the minimum and maximum payout percentage that you can get. The maximum payout percentage is an important thing to consider because it controls how you play.

The way you play each game changes the payout percentage. You will learn more in the next section about how to get the best payout percentages from each video poker game once you find the best payout tables.

How do you know what the payout percentage is for each pay table? You can quickly look it up on the internet. Once you have learned what good pay tables are for the video poker machines, all you have to do is look for such a table to know which game you will play.

The suitable pay tables offer a payout percentage of over 99.5% with the right strategy. With Full Pay Deuces Wild, you can manage to play with a 100.74% payout percentage. Jacks or Better with a 9/6 payout table (9 to 1 payout Full House & 6 to 1 payout Flush) offers a 99.54% payout percentage.

Use the Right Strategies

The other thing you need to do to win at video poker is to use the right strategy when you play.

Playing video poker without using the right strategy is no better than playing on a video pokie. Video pokies have a low payout percentage and are often among the worst casino games possible regarding odds.

Place Five Credits

Winning money with video poker is pretty apparent. You already know which games to play and which pay tables to look at. You also learn how to use the right strategy. The only thing you should stick to is playing with a maximum bet of 5 credits.

If you do anything other than play with the maximum bet, you will not get the maximum winnings. Don’t look for strategies to use if you’re not going to bet five credits anyway because it won’t help.

If your balance is not big enough to play with five credits, you should not play on the video poker machine. Look for the devices with lower stakes.

In land-based casinos, you will often come across quarter machines. They cost you $0.25 per credit. Five credits is a $1.25 bet. You will find the video poker variants at online casinos with a bet of $0.05 per credit. This will cost you $0.25 per turn to get the maximum benefit.

If you play with a maximum stake, you have the chance to win a high jackpot payout of 4,000 credits.

If you have not used five credits, the payout for a Royal Flush is much lower.


You can look for other video poker variants, but Deuces Wild Full Pay and Jacks or Better are the most common games, and they both have good pay tables.

Choosing the right pay table is the first thing you need to do to win money in video poker.

You can also easily find and use the best strategy for these two games. And once you have found the right strategy, it is easy to use.

Just look at the strategy table to see what hand you have and need to do.