How to prevent casino fraud as a player in Australia

Online Casino Fraud: How to Play Safely and Seriously!

Fraud in online casinos is not the rule. Nevertheless, new customers should keep their eyes open. After all, it is very annoying when the deposited funds do not arrive, or a later debit seems impossible.

Our interim conclusion: Before registering with a virtual casino, it is essential to inform yourself as precisely as possible. Once again, we encounter a dilemma in our reporting. Typically, all online casinos with a license should be considered reputable. But although internet casinos have long been legal, licences are still a long time coming. Therefore, we would like to examine how possible fraud in online casinos can be ruled out.

First, however, we would like to take a brief look at how such a fraud attempt can occur. For a safe gaming experience, we would like to refer to our review. For example, National Casino has been active on the Australian market for almost ten years. Customers have been registered there for years and are satisfied with the service.

Therefore, we are very sure that the online casino implements the State Treaty on Gaming regulations and enables serious gaming. However, apart from this recommendation, the customer must have the freedom to choose his casino himself. Therefore, we will now take a brief look at how fraud could occur.

Examples of Fraud in an Online Casino

We are explicitly not talking about legal casinos that refuse a payout. There may be good reasons for this here and there, which can always be clarified with support in case of doubt. But some operators do not want to offer a fair gaming experience. We can’t name them, but we can tell you the scheme they use.

Often the masterminds are based abroad. From there, they create a homepage that looks like a typical casino. They may even imitate an existing online casino – in terms of design, menu navigation, and generally as close as possible. Either they land high up in the search engines for specific search terms, but that is not so easy. It is easier to place ads.

Buy your Place in The Top

On the one hand, we mean the top results in the Google search. These are for sale. However, this can be easily identified by the term “ad.”

Of course, the ads listed first are not automatically frauds. The probability is low. Because such homepages are reported to Google, and then they are excluded. But this is how the fraudsters get their customers. On the other hand, online casino fraud often starts in the social network. They can also be advertised there.

Moreover, it is easily possible to share links and banners. These multiply in the social network and thus reach many addressees. This is how potential customers reach the alleged online casinos. Anyone who registers now and deposits money probably has no chance of getting their credit back. On the other hand, the reverse is also true.

Do not become a victim of fraud: Get decent information about online casinos. Do not use links in social media from people with whom you have no close contact or advertisements. This applies to ads on Facebook and the like and the ads in Google (top search results). Or rely on casinos that have been successful and trustworthy in Australia for years.

Learning to Recognize Reputable Online Casinos

First of all, the standards. Look at the imprint. Check the license. This is where the difficulty currently begins. Once the license is granted, there is also a supervisory authority. But those who have applied for a permit have most likely already adapted their offer to the new rules.

So if there is no live casino, if it is no longer called casino games (but “slots” or “machines”), and if the deposit limit is set at 1,000 dollars, then the customer is on the safe side.

Moreover, transparent Internet providers nowadays require verification. Conversely, in case of fraud in the online casino, registration and deposit should be made as easy as possible. Therefore, new customers should inform themselves about the verification process in advance.

2-Factor Authentication

Recently, 2-factor authentication has been used more and more frequently. Then every login and every payment must be confirmed again via email or an app. At first, what may sound like harassment is very quick and increases security enormously. Banks and other businesses that work with their customers’ money also use 2-factor authentication.

What else is there to look out for? Reputable casinos use SSL encryption for payment. In addition, credit cards are considered highly respected payment methods. So if Visa or Mastercard are listed among the payment providers, this also speaks against fraud in the online casino. Furthermore, it is a plus in terms of the trust if the provider explains the random number generator required for casino games on its homepage.

In the general terms and conditions of business of reputable providers, too, there should be no points where the casino tries to evade its responsibility.

Hacker Alert Conclusion

Finally, the account can also be misused if the customer does not handle his data carefully. Therefore, passwords should not be shared. Care should also be taken to choose a password that is as secure as possible