Land based casino tricks to keep you in the casino

Avoiding land-based casino tricks by visiting the online casino

Many psychological tricks make visitors gamble as much and as long as possible in a land-based casino. However, one of the advantages of gambling at an online casino is far fewer psychological tricks. This article will give you concrete casino tips by telling you about the tricks land-based casinos play. We then discuss the advantages of playing at online casinos over land-based casinos.

No View of Time

While it may not be immediately apparent when you visit a casino, it is tricky to tell the time without a watch or phone. In almost all casinos, there is no direct light from outside. All windows are blinded or simply absent. As a result, it looks exactly the same in the land-based casino at all times of the day. In addition, casinos never actually hang clocks. By making you forget the feeling of time passing, casinos hope that gamblers will linger longer and spend more money.

Artificial light

To keep gamblers alert anyway, there are incredibly many artificial lights, and a casino’s decorations are often colorful. This makes gamblers less likely to get sleepy. This also applies to the sounds of slot machines and background music. This keeps you as a gambler stimulated to continue betting. Casino tips we can give to avoid these tricks include wearing a watch or setting the alarm at a specific time. This way, you are better in control of when you stop playing.

Lots of comfort and free services and a long route to get to facilities

Another psychological trick to keep gamblers in the casino is offering free services and comfort. For example, at many casinos, you get free drinks brought to you on the spot, and you can claim play money if you come often or get a discount on food at the restaurant. In addition, comfort is of great importance. There are comfortable chairs and lounge areas, and you’ll be at your beck and call if you need anything. Plus, you can use debit cards everywhere, and the chips you use in many casino games make you feel like you’re not playing with real money. Finally, one of the casino tips we can give you is not to stop by the restroom before leaving. Often the route to the bathroom and bar, for example, is set up so that you pass by pokie machines and other temptations. Then, before you know it, you’re back to gambling.

Advantages online casino

Many psychological tricks land-based casinos use are not found in online casinos. Of course, they use welcome bonuses and free spins to attract people, but otherwise, players have much better control over their actions at the online casino. After all, you can gamble online casino from the comfort of your own home, and you won’t be incentivized with free drinks and extra amenities to keep gambling while also being able to easily see what time it is. In addition, because you are playing with real money instead of chips, you will have a better sense of your income and expenses, making it easier to gamble responsibly.