Laquedra edwards wins accidental millions on scratchies

American woman wins 9 million dollars with the ‘wrong’ scratch card

LaQuedra Edwards had the day of her life in early April. The American decided to buy a scratch card and try her luck. She had her sights set on a scratch card but accidentally purchased another one. She purchased the ticket from a lottery machine in the shop but clicked on the wrong button. It was a massive mistake as Edwards won the top prize of $10 million. The winner made a mistake because a person bumped into her when she tried to press the button.

Grand prize on the scratch card game

The winner told local media that a man bumped into her in the shop. “He didn’t say anything and just walked out the door. I was quite annoyed at first.” Edwards became angry after the wrong scratch card came out of the machine. However, that soon changed, as she had won the top prize of 10 million dollars on the ‘wrong’ scratch card.

“I’m still in shock. I didn’t believe it and just drove home. I checked it several times. But it was right. All I could think was, ‘I’m rich.'” Edwards will use the won money to look for a new home and start her non-profit organization. The supermarket owner where the winning ticket was bought will also be delighted to receive 50,000 dollars from the winner.

Wrong prize-winning scratchies

This is not the first time an American has won a huge prize with a ‘wrong’ scratch card. In the summer of 2020, the same thing happened to a 57-year-old man from Detroit. The man bought a scratch card at a small shop but received a completely different scratch card. The man asked for a 20.00 dollar ticket but received a 10.00 dollar scratch card. Nevertheless, all went well because the American won a prize of 1.1 million dollars with this ticket.