Live casino game rules in Australia

Rules of popular live casino games

The presence of a live casino online has certainly not gone unnoticed. A positive development is that you can actually play certified casino games at more and more Aussie online casinos. Often the live casino was equipped with English-speaking dealers because foreign players had to be served as well. Virtually every Australian casino has solved this problem by adding unique gaming tables to their live casino offering. Remarkably, live roulette, blackjack, and Baccarat are the most popular gambling games among Australians. The rules in brief? You’ll find them below!

Live roulette rules

For most people who open a live casino, the presence of roulette is most important. If you’re going to play live roulette online, you should know that the rules are easy to follow. Within the live roulette game rules, you will typically bet on 37 numbers from 0 to 36. You can play with chips on 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 12, or 18 numbers. In addition, the popular neighborly game is often available for winning. A win in live roulette can be achieved by predicting the square where the ball will end up with one of the chips you play. The maximum payout you can get from that. It is 36 times the amount you have played.

Game rules for live blackjack

The card-lovers among us can certainly appreciate the availability of live blackjack at an online casino. When you play live blackjack, the idea is to beat the dealer’s cards. You always play with at least one hand within the given limits. As soon as you have placed the necessary chips, you are dealt 2 cards. You can win right away by reaching 21 points, also called blackjack. It is also possible that you first take a few more cards to achieve a higher point total. Note that you cannot form more than 21 points with your hand in blackjack because then you have lost anyway. A direct blackjack is worth 2.5 times the amount you played, and a regular win is worth double the amount you played.

Baccarat live game rules

The last game that definitely belongs in the top 3 most played live casino games is Baccarat. People who choose to play live Baccarat can easily go for the prizes since fixed game rules are used. There is no need to take out any additional cards, nor is there any need to change bets. All you do is a gamble on the winnings you think will be formed. Is it the dealer who wins, the players, or a tie? The idea is that a maximum of 9 points are included for a hand, and only 2 are always played at a time. Winning on dealer gives you double – 5% commission for the house. Win with an amount played on the player? Then you get the full doubling, and a draw will result in a profit of 9 times your placed bet. In short, there are certainly possibilities if you were to play live Baccarat online with a real dealer.