Married couple in Australia wins $1 million jackpot twice

A married couple from a suburb of Wollongong in Australia won the same jackpot twice in one day. During the good week, the husband bought an extra lottery ticket with the numbers, which he and his wife have used to enter the weekly Lotto in Australia for nearly 30 years. Because they had the winning numbers exactly this week, they won the top prize of AU$1,000,000 twice.

Last week, an Australian man from Dapto forgot to buy a ticket for the Monday Lotto, the lottery he has participated in with his wife for almost 30 years. The man got into an argument with his wife, but to his relief, the jackpot did not fall on their numbers. The following week, he decided to secretly buy an extra lottery ticket to make up with his wife.

Upon looking at the numbers on Tuesday morning, his wife was overjoyed, as she thought they had just won AU$1,000,000. In reality, it even turned out to be double, as her husband had bought an extra lottery ticket.

Double jackpot for married couple

Because the husband bought an extra lottery ticket as an act of kindness, the married couple won a double jackpot of twice one million Australian dollars. On the lottery’s website, he commented as follows:

“It’s actually a funny story why we had the same number twice. I forgot to put my wife’s numbers on it last week, and she wasn’t too happy with me. So this week I thought I’d put them on twice to make up for it.”

Double jackpot winner

Tuesday morning after the draw, the wife was able to cross off one number after another from her lottery ticket. At that point, the man had yet to tell her about the second identical ticket. He could not believe this had happened.

The woman also reacted madly to winning the double jackpot:

“My mind races about all the things I can do for my family. I can buy a house for my daughter. I can prepare the children and grandchildren for the future. Once we’ve done that, we can enjoy what’s left. I would love to travel around Australia and see all the parts of our country I haven’t seen yet.”