New crypo casino lottery to be launched

Crypto lottery about to launch with USD 1 million win

Lotteries enjoy great popularity among millions of players worldwide. Now, the launch of a somewhat different lottery draw is imminent. The cryptocurrency Lucky Block Coin (LBLOCK) developers have announced that their crypto lottery is ready for the market. They said it should now be available via the Google Play Store app.

On Monday, a LBLOCK spokesperson announced that a beta version of the app for Android had been released that day. It would have to prove itself in practice while users could familiarise themselves with its essential functions.

Later, the lottery function will be activated. In this lottery, they will draw tokens of the cryptocurrency LBLOCK in five weekly draws. The current value of the tokens in the lottery pot is USD 1 million.

Industry media see the lottery as a PR campaign to attract attention in the competitive crypto industry. Beyond that, the creators of Lucky Block also want to encourage their users to get involved in a good cause. They list over 1,200 charities that people can donate to with their currency.

App available, lottery still has to wait

However, lottery fans will have to be patient a little longer before they have a chance to win. The reason given by the developers is:

‘Our Android app is up and running except for some minor issues, but the iOS app is not yet.’ This means that it would not be fair to start the lottery on 25 March and exclude a large part of our potential target group from taking part.

There are still technical problems with Apple’s iOS, which are currently being resolved. The developers are also focusing on a desktop version of the offer. Only when this is ready for use can all functions, including the lottery, be expected to go live.

It was not disclosed how long it would take until users could play for the million-dollar prize. Thus, the blockchain community will have to wait for the start of the crypto-lottery for the time being.