New technology for online casinos in 2022

What will 2022 Bring for Online Casinos?

The new year is coming. We still have all kinds of measures surrounding covid. But for online casino games, that doesn’t matter. What will 2022 bring us? Will there be innovations, and will online gaming become even more fun?

In recent years, we have already seen new technology entering the casinos. The casino industry is constantly innovating and developing. In 2022 we will see new technology, but also the maturing of developments that started earlier.

Virtual Reality

People still have different opinions about VR gaming. Some think it is wonderful and see it as a welcome technology. Others have reservations and prefer solid ground under their feet rather than a virtual one. It is probably a matter of getting used to this new technology and game possibility. Most people have not yet had any experience with Virtual Reality.

The reality created in a computer is still in its infancy. But developments are moving fast. The technology is refining, the possibilities are growing, and more and more people want to experience it. And that is what it is, a remarkable new experience. You play your online game at home while imagining yourself in a physical casino.


The pokie machine is still the cornerstone of the online casino. First, there were card games and the mechanical pokies. Gradually, that pokie machine developed through electric, electronic, video and more, into a modern device with numerous possibilities.

In addition to all kinds of game elements, techniques were introduced to monitor the player’s gambling behavior. The physical pokie machines became slimmer, and new online pokie machines changed their appearance.

Old and new pokies compete with each other. In a world where the more senior player appears to be mainly nostalgic. While the new generation of online players specifically wants modern, flashy and better games. They are demanding and have so many options that the industry will have to make every effort to bind the young generation to them or get their attention.

In 2022, it will be evident that the various entertainment industries will work together even more and better. Borders between the film, music, and gambling industries will disappear. Their knowledge will be merged to bring the level of experience for players to a peak.

And that is what will appeal to both the young and the older generation.

More Personalized Play

We already mentioned the monitoring of game behavior with new built-in technologies. This technology also offers the possibility of making a game more personal.

It will cooperate between giving preferences and using subtle reactions, determined by technology on the individual game behavior.

The developed algorithms will make the game more fun. After all, you know the drill. You look for new shoes, buy them, and for a week, you get to see shoes in ads. Such wrong or unpleasant interpretations are a thing of the past.

They are over with the new algorithms, improved data processing, and increased experience in interpreting data.

Personalizing a game environment means setting your preferences. The options for doing this are becoming more and more extensive. When you continue a game, you do so in a familiar environment.

Of course, there is still the possibility of making a trip to another climate to change or gain a new experience.

PLaying With Cryptocurrencies in an Australian Online Casino

Cryptocurrencies are here to stay. Money matters are still moving in two separate worlds between established banks and modern technocrats. The gambling and gaming industry, always one of the most innovative, was the first to embrace both currencies. In 2022, this will happen on a larger scale.

The younger generation of players uses both currencies with equal ease. In the process, cryptocurrencies are proving to be accepted and popular. In 2022, soon more online casinos will get cryptocurrencies.

The requirements related to money laundering and the like will remain strict or even be tightened. But cryptocurrencies will allow players to gamble and play anonymously and securely make their payments.


Blockchain technology will play an essential role with the latter, secure payments. Blockchain is often mentioned in the same breath as Bitcoin. But it is a technology in its own right that is being used in more and more areas of the world. It makes all kinds of data traffic more accessible and more secure.

This applies to import and export forms in goods transport and paying and receiving money. However, blockchain also makes it possible to securely keep track of game scores, bets, and more.

It is a technology that mainly takes place in the game’s background. But the sense of security and peace of mind it provides will make the game and gambling more attractive.


It is, of course, not the case that the online casino ground suddenly looks different on 1 January 2022 than on 31 December 2021. Much is happening in the background and still gradually.

But it could just happen that your trusted casino also accepts Bitcoins, Solanas or Ethereum overnight. Or that you can lock a setting until the next gaming session while remaining an anonymous player for the casino—a number in an index, that is.