Our tips to become a pro roulette player

Ways to Become a Better Roulette Player Instantly

The game of Roulette is trendy in casinos around the world. The rules are easy to learn, and since everything is based purely on luck, it provides plenty of excitement. At the same time, it offers high payouts compared to other table games.

You can play on roulette tables with a low house edge, depending on the roulette rules.

There are ways to become a better player immediately. It doesn’t guarantee that you’ll automatically win every time you play, but it allows you to minimize your losses.

Find Roulette Tables with a Single Zero

This information may not be new to you, but it can be considered very useful to others. It would be best to look for a roulette table that plays with a wheel containing a single zero. Not only should you look carefully for a single zero wheel, but you should avoid the double zero wheels at all costs.

It’s incomprehensible that people still play American Roulette when you consider the house edge, almost double that of European Roulette. It’s better to always play on a roulette wheel with thirty-seven pockets. Numbers one to thirty-six and a single 0. How important is the European Roulette wheel?

The single zero is very important because the house edge goes from 2.7% to 5.26% when playing American Roulette. Take this as an example. If you were to lose 100 dollars at the European Roulette tables, it would mean losing 200 dollars at the American Roulette tables.

Understand French Roulette

You need to understand that French Roulette is based on European Roulette. The wheel is the same, but it has slightly different rules. The game rules of French Roulette are favorable for the players. A La Partage and an En Prison rule bring the house edge to 1.35% if you choose to place money on single chances.

When the ball lands on zero and you have money on black or red, odd or high or low, you receive half of your bet back with La Partage. If this happens and you have the bet on En Prison, it will hold the total bet, and you will have a chance to win it back the next turn.

Look for Crowded Gaming Tables

A big mistake you can make is wanting to play too fast. Players who like to play video slots also suffer from this. When playing Roulette, you may want to find a more crowded table so that the game rounds are slower and you get more interactively involved. Online casinos offer live roulette games at various limits, and communication via live chat is possible.

It is essential to understand the more money you wager, the more money you expect to lose. The casino always has an edge in every roulette bet, and previous turns do not affect subsequent turns.

Your expected loss per hour is a lot less by playing fewer rounds per hour.

Avoid Betting Systems

One of the most effective ways to improve your roulette game is to immediately understand that wagering systems will not help you beat the casino. If a wagering system guaranteed you a profit, everyone would use it, and the casino would lose a considerable amount.

The fact is that the casino that offers Roulette ends up making a profit.

As an example, consider the Martingale system. It is a popular roulette betting system for inexperienced players. If you lose, you double your bet, and if you win, you go back to the basic bet you started with. The trick is to find a low-limit table and keep playing with the minimum limit.
Keep in mind that there is no such thing as a system that will help you win money at Roulette.

Understand How the House Edge Works

The house edge in a traditional roulette game is 5.26%. These are the American Roulette tables. This means that if you have wagered 100 dollars, the casino will eventually profit 5.26 dollars. If you play 50 turns per hour for a $10 bet, that means $500 in bets and a total average loss of $26.30.

This is why it is vital to avoid the roulette tables with a house edge of 5.26% and have added a double zero to the wheel.

The best version you can play is French Roulette with a single zero and special added game rules that help you with single odds if the ball lands on the zero.


The roulette tips on this page can make you a better player right away because you’ll always choose the best odds in the long run.

Would you like to gamble more often at a local or online casino?

Then it’s essential to play either the European or the French version of Roulette for the better odds.