Robots take control of casino security

US casinos Rely on Automated Security

The digital transformation has long since taken hold of the gambling industry. Land based casinos are also increasingly relying on software-supported helpers. The Graton Resort and Casino in California has now announced that it will upgrade its security with the help of robots.

Not only since the rampage at the Mandalay Bay Casino, when an assassin killed 58 people and injured hundreds from his hotel window in Las Vegas on 1 October 2017, has security in US casinos been an issue of utmost importance. That’s why operators are increasingly using digital methods in addition to beefing up security guards.

Securing Property and Garages

The Graton Resort and Casino, located north of San Francisco, has now decided to have the outer area of the property and the parking garages controlled by robots from the constructor Knightscope. In the future, five of the units reminiscent of the Star Wars robot R2-D2 will patrol there.

In a statement, the manufacturer announced:

Knightscope will strengthen the casino’s existing security team and provide guests with a safer and more enjoyable visit.

The K5 series deployed has multiple cameras so that the robot can always perceive its surroundings with a 360-degree view, it said. In addition, K5 is equipped with a thermal imaging camera to optimize visibility in the dark.

Upgrade Security with an Automated Guard

The robot can communicate independently with the security center and immediately report any noteworthy incidents to the staff. At the same time, K5 has an emergency call button. In this way, casino visitors can request help quickly and conveniently if necessary.

In California, the Graton Casino is not the first gambling temple to upgrade its security with an automated guard. Back in June 2021, The Grand Sierra Resort and Casino in Reno, Nevada, also announced that it would be using robots to provide additional protection for its premises in the future. The contract was also awarded to Knightscope with its K5.

What can we Conclude?

However, it will be quite a while before the software-controlled helpers take complete control of the casino floor in terms of surveillance. Currently, the robots can only move autonomously in a few precisely defined areas.

In addition, alerts continue to be sent to the security service, which follows them up if necessary. However, it can be assumed that the collaboration between humans and technology will continue to develop in the direction of robot-assisted assistants in the future.