The appeal of online gambling

Study: Why is Online Gambling so Appealing?

In a recent survey, the opinion research institute YouGov wanted to discover why so many players are excited about online gambling. Is it ostensibly about the desire to win money, do they want to distract themselves from stressful everyday life, or is it simply about the fun of gambling?

A total of 17,300 people over 18 were surveyed between March and April of this year. The respondents came from 13 different countries. The survey aimed to discover why so many people are enthusiastic about online gambling.

Only a few months ago, we reported on a YouGov study to find out how much money Aussies spend on gambling activities each month.

41% of Respondents Want to Have Fun

In the current YouGov survey, around four out of ten respondents (41 %) said they participate in online gambling to have fun and be entertained. Thus, many players see their activities in online casinos and online gaming arcades superficially as a hobby and do not think about earning money by gambling.

The majority of respondents thus seem to be aware that they play for entertainment value. For this, they also seem to be willing to spend money consciously. Only just under every third respondent plays to hit the big jackpot.

In addition, the study aimed to find out why some people have a negative attitude towards gambling. The opinion research institute found that 28% had no particular reason for their negative attitude. For 22% of the respondents, the lack of financial means made gambling not an option for them.

A similar proportion (24%) are critical of gambling because, in their opinion, the probability of winning is very low. Around one in ten respondents (11 %) consider gambling of any kind to be morally reprehensible.

Which Casino Games are Particularly Appealing?

The study showed that the fun factor sometimes differs greatly depending on the casino game in question.

The fun factor is the top priority for poker players for 61% of those surveyed. For online sports betting, it is 57 %, and for pokie machine players, it is still 53 %.

As recently as August, we published an article that sought to answer whether blackjack and roulette are more addictive than pokies.


Indeed, most users seem to be interested in online gambling to be entertained and have fun. And that is precisely what the virtual pokie games on the internet are for.

Only a tiny percentage of respondents play online to hit the big jackpot.

So, in the end, most gamblers seem to be aware of the risks and dangers of online gambling.