The dangers of using autoplay on online pokies

The Dangers of Autoplay and Quick Spin: Play the Pokies Yourself

Isn’t it easy, a pokie machine that plays the game for you? Many providers have proudly introduced autoplay. You can play faster or even open multiple pokie machines in parallel. Or use the Quick Spin option, which takes much less time to spin the reels. A technological advance, right?

In practice, Autoplay and Fast Spin aren’t all that interesting. At least, not if you ask the pokies experts. They prefer to play the classic pokies manually, which gives them control over their game and its progress.

Keeping your attention is vital on a pokie machine. This prevents you from making wrong decisions and placing more bets than you intended in a short time. Avoid spending your stake quickly, if only by using the incorrect Autoplay settings.

Or with the correct settings if it turns out not to be your day.

Beware of Autoplay

Do you occasionally use Autoplay, or are you unsure if it’s a good choice on the pokies? Good players never use it. Instead, they prefer to play the games themselves.

Autoplay or Quick Spin makes the pokies spin much faster. This makes it possible to play more games in a short time. This may seem to be to your advantage, but it’s especially interesting for the casino.

Your attention is not quite there, and you don’t have the chance to make the right decisions. Autoplay can go very well but also creates the risk of losing a lot more significantly.

Moreover, it’s a waste of your deposit, as you can have a great experience playing the pokies. Thanks to the tension of the game, the reels slowly come to a stop one by one.

Tip: Do you play the games manually? Even if it’s not your lucky day, you can have a lot of fun doing so. The games create excitement because the tide can turn at any time, and you might still be able to squeeze out a nice win. You won’t experience this tension if you choose Autoplay.

Please note: it is a misunderstanding that Autoplay plays the game as optimally as possible. It is an automatic game without any specific strategy or tactics.

Instead, you can play manually with a betting strategy. You can increase your chances of winning.

Take your Time when Spinning

The Quick Spin option is less dangerous than Autoplay, but it’s in the same corner. It also makes it challenging to keep track of your choices, which is why the pokie machine can tempt you to place a higher bet. Or to pay more if it’s not your lucky day.

The faster you spin, the less enjoyable the experience. It’s over quicker if it’s not your lucky day. And do you win some outstanding amounts? Then the risk is more significant that you bet it again instead of letting it payout.

By spinning faster, you are not paying attention. This is generally not good for the results. Instead, it’s better to play the pokies manually.

Play with Focus and Attention

The most important tip for playing the pokies and having a good chance of winning? Play with focus and attention. That way, you can be sure that your mind is right. This is important, for example, when there is both a basic game and a bonus game.

Once you get to the bonuses, the winnings can suddenly skyrocket. Collect Free Spins and other extras, which you can use at the right moment. Please pay attention to the game and get the hang of it. Better than Autoplay because you can also take a few steps forward.

Beware of playing several pokies next to each other. It’s theoretically possible with Autoplay but generally doesn’t yield the best results. Your attention is not focused, and you will overlook some opportunities.

As a result, you will miss out on potential winnings, which unfortunately will leave you with less at the end of the day. Make sure you don’t use the Autoplay feature. Or turn it on once when playing a free game, so you can experience for yourself how hard it is to keep your attention.

Winning on Pokie Machines

Fancy winning on Australian pokies? Or do you want to play the other games and win as much as possible? Discover roulette, for example, where you can take a seat at the table online immediately.

Without the Autoplay option, you can play the game yourself. This is the best way to get started to keep your attention and focus. Not the fastest method, but the best to avoid sudden losses. Depending on how you like to play the games, with play money or with your deposit.

Our pokies tips will help you get the most out of them, with the handy extras and available options. Or by leaving them out if they don’t work in your favor. We know what to look out for and how experienced players use them.

We’ll advise you on that. To beat the pokie machine, you can play the game and possibly make a nice profit.