The history of popular casino games

What is the oldest casino game in the world?

Developments in the casino world follow each other in rapid succession. Technology is constantly improving, and competition between game makers and casinos is increasing. Yet not everything is as changeable as it seems. The casino world has been in flux since the rise of the internet. But what is the oldest casino game, and is it still played?

The history of gambling

The first evidence of gambling dates back to 2300 B.C. Gambling is thus literally an ancient form of entertainment. However, it took a long time before gambling reached the format in which we know it today. Therefore, we make a giant leap forward to the year 1638. This year, the first casino was opened in Venice. Therefore, the oldest casino game is one of the games played there.

Between 1650 and 1800, gambling games also became popular in France. In this time, games like blackjack, roulette and baccarat made a comeback. Although gambling was only possible in palaces at first, in 1854 the famous Monte Carlo Casino opened in Monaco. After this, gambling fever spread to America and China. Games like blackjack, roulette, and baccarat were further developed, and different variants of the original games were created. Craps and poker also became popular.

Card games became increasingly popular in American saloons. Other games that appeared were ball games and the first mechanical slot machines.

The History of Blackjack

We don’t know the exact origin of blackjack. Therefore, the history of this popular card game is mysterious, and some might even call it obscure. However, we can tell you what we do know for sure.

In the 16th century, the French court played the card game Quinze. This means fifteen. It is said that this is the first variant of the modern game blackjack. Although the origin of blackjack is linked to the French court, variants from other countries, including Spain, may have influenced its creation.

In the 17th century, a variant of Quinze, a blackjack game, became Napoleon’s favorite. This game makes an enormous advance. In the 20th century, the card game appeared in America. However, the game is not immediately successful there. Therefore, the rules were changed, and the name blackjack was born.

Nowadays, there are many more variants of blackjack. Especially in online blackjack, you can play in all kinds of variants. Think for example, of Unlimited Blackjack and Blackjack Party.

The history of roulette

Roulette also has a French background. In 1655 French inventor, physicist, and mathematician Blaise Pascal accidentally invented the game of roulette. Fast forward to 1796, when roulette was played in Paris according to sources.

In the 18th century, immigrants brought the game to New Orleans. The game quickly gained popularity. After a few variations of the roulette wheel, the Americans finally opted for two zeros. This increased the house edge for the casino.

To this day, this difference between American Roulette and European Roulette exists. In general, American Roulette is not recommended to play.

The History of Baccarat

Perhaps not surprisingly, baccarat also originated in France. French soldiers played the game during the 15th century. Therefore, it can be considered the oldest casino game. However, the game really took off a few centuries later. During the 19th century, baccarat was popular among the French elite, after which it slowly spread to the rest of Europe.

In the 20th century, a variant of the game came over from Cuba, after which the game became even more popular. In Macau, too, its own rules emerged. A combination of these variants is the modern game of baccarat.

In online casinos today you can find different forms of baccarat. Popular variants include Baccarat Squeeze and Lightning Baccarat.

History of pokie machines

Pokie machines and video slots are a vital part of the games offered in casinos. However, this form of gambling did not come into being until later.

The first pokie machine was developed in 1894 by Charles A. Fey. This was the one-armed bandit. The mechanism behind the slot machine was invented three years earlier by Gustav F.W. Schultze. The first slot machine with an automatic payout mechanism was developed by Fey in 1898, when the famous Liberty Bell made its first appearance. Finally, in 1912, the first slot machine was invented.

Although pokie machines have undergone many developments, the most significant growth came in 1995. This year, the first online slot machine was launched. As a result, the payout rate has also risen considerably. Although pokie machines were already top-rated, their popularity has exploded since the advent of online pokies.

What is the Oldest Casino Game?

We know a lot about the history of casino games, but there’s no single answer to the question; what is the oldest casino game? Games have changed over the centuries both in the country of origin and in other countries. Besides, gambling was illegal for a long time in many countries or only accessible to the elite.

Fortunately, times have changed. The advent of online casinos has made gambling more accessible than ever. Here you can play both ancient games and the latest video slots. Just make sure you always gamble at a reliable online casino.