The loyalty bonus explained

Loyalty bonus is a welcome addition to online casinos

A casino bonus is nice, but for existing players, there is sometimes very little to get. Therefore, several online casinos have started to give away a so-called loyalty bonus.

Attracting new players has a priority

For online casinos, it obviously makes sense above all to get new customers. By giving away welcome bonuses, players are more willing to choose a relevant casino. In this respect, the system of online casinos is understandable. They work similarly to, say, energy suppliers. Bringing in a new customer is worth a lot. Especially since they are often tied to a particular provider for a long time. On the other hand, loyal players suffer as a result. Too little attention is paid to retaining existing customers.

Many players have an account at multiple online casinos

The result is that gambling fans have multiple accounts. They do this to get as many welcome bonuses as possible. There are quite a few online casinos, so you can spend a long time playing with the bonuses you get when you create an account or the perks you receive when you make your first deposit.

Multiple accounts at the same casino

Some players have multiple accounts at the same casino. With the same goal in mind, this is to get as many bonuses as possible. This is slightly more difficult. Often you will be registered with the account you use to make deposits and receive prizes. However, there are always ways to find a way around this.

The advantages of a loyalty bonus

A loyalty bonus has its advantages. For the players, of course, but also for online casinos themselves. Therefore you’ll see more and more online casinos offering specific bonuses to players who play for a long time at their casino. There are many ways such bonuses can be paid out in a controlled manner.

A bonus for long term membership

At some casinos, you can count on a bonus when you have an account for a long time. For example, if you have been actively playing at an online casino for several hours. Also, at some online casinos, you can expect a bonus at certain milestones. For example, if your account is a year old. These are, of course, friendly and welcome perks for loyal players.

A bonus after a few rounds of play

You can also make players happy with a bonus if they play on the same slot machine for a while, for example, by giving away free spins every 20 spins. This keeps players playing longer and makes them feel appreciated by the online casino.

Bonuses for returning players

It may happen that you have created an account but don’t actually log in anymore. Most online casinos have a system by which this is noticed. You can then expect an email that gives you a bonus if you decide to log in again. This is not a loyalty bonus but a bonus to lure back players who have stopped playing.

The advantage for the player

Of course, a player has an interest in any bonus. However, a loyalty bonus has advantages over a welcome bonus. This is because you can always keep playing at your favorite online casino instead of going from one casino to another to collect all the welcome bonuses. If you can play at your favorite casino with your favorite gambling games, you will have a better experience and more fun.