The most intriguing abandoned casinos in the world

A list of land based casinos that are no longer in use

Gambling is one of the most popular activities. Hence, a lot of tourists add a casino visit to their itinerary. After all, just about every tourist town has a casino or arcade. These buildings may be empty and in disrepair, but we think they are real hidden treasures. These incredible casinos have a lot of history and still look impressive.

These days, many people find it just as enjoyable to visit a casino from home. So it is understandable why at the online casino, you have an infinite choice of games. And you can sit on the couch in your pajamas. It’s even possible to play a poker game via a mobile app on your smartphone. In addition, current techniques make it possible to gamble safely online. So the online casino has a lot of advantages, which is why several land-based casinos have had to close their doors over the years. But, do you like to visit abandoned places? Then these bizarre, abandoned casinos are worth a visit.

Casino Constanta in Romania

If you like a casino on location, then Casino Constanta is your place. The casino overlooks the Black Sea, making it an iconic landmark. When Casino Constanta was still open, it was frequented by wealthy people. The building, designed by architect Petre Antonescu, was constructed in the early 20th century and, unfortunately, had to close its doors. Fortunately, the casino can still be visited and is seen by many as a city symbol.

Fontainebleau Resort in Las Vegas

We hope you’re not afraid of heights because the Fontainebleau Resort in Las Vegas is the second tallest building. Unfortunately, the building is now abandoned and a painful reminder of the 2009 recession. As a result of the recession, the owners never finished it; construction was halted when about 70 percent was completed.

Bokor Palace Hotel and Casino in Cambodia

This casino is a bit of a journey, but it is awe-inspiring, like a lot of architecture in Asia. Bokor Palace Hotel and Casino is an addition to a resort that has been there since 1921. The resort has a notorious past, as no less than 900 people were killed during its construction. As a result, in 2008, Bokor Palace had to close its doors. However, it has not been abandoned for a long time, as the resort reopened under a new name in 2012. This resort is called Thansur Bokor Highland Resort, and for 182 dollars, you can stay here for one night.

Asbury Park Casino in New Jersey

This is perhaps the most amazing abandoned casino you can find. Once upon a time, Asbury Park Casino was a bustling place that attracted hundreds of tourists. However, the park went bankrupt because it could not stand up to the intense competition. The park has been closed since the 1980s, but it remains an exciting place to visit. It reminds one of the booming years of the past. By the way, the casino has been renovated several times in recent years.

Casino Di Consonno in Italy

Italy in itself is a beautiful travel destination. The setting of Casino Di Consonno certainly does justice to this beautiful building. It is situated on a picturesque hill in Consonno, a now deserted ghost town. People had high hopes for the City of Toys, which was supposed to become the Italian Las Vegas. Unfortunately, landslides spoiled the fun, and at the end of the 1980s, the inhabitants had to leave the city.