The record jackpots in online casinos

Largest Online Casino Jackpot Hit in the USA

On Wednesday, a new record online Pokie machine win was announced in the USA.

According to the gambling provider BetMGM, a player at the Borgata Online Casino in New Jersey won USD 3.5 million.

The operator proudly announced that this is the highest jackpot ever won on an online Pokie in the USA.

Record Sum on the MGM Grand Colossal Millions Pokie

The player Dori B. won the record sum on the MGM Grand Colossal Millions Pokie machine when she played there with a stake of 10 USD. The new millionaire said that she had been dreaming of such a win for a long time.

According to the Borgata Casino, Dori B. explained:

‘I saw the Colossal jackpot grow to over $3.5 million and started playing the MGM Grand Millions machine because I just knew it had to be hit soon. I thought, “Somebody’s going to hit it; maybe it could be me.”

She is a program manager, she said, so she is used to dividing things into sections. The next phase of her life will be filled with traveling with her family and volunteering for good causes.

Matthew Sunderland, BetMGM Vice President of Gaming, congratulated the player. He said he was pleased that his company could present online jackpots of this magnitude. BetMGM could not wait to continue to offer players in the USA equal million-dollar sums in the future.

Only a Portion of Americans with a Chance to Win MGM Millions

However, in the case of MGM, only players in selected US states are allowed to dream of the windfall. The gambling offers of the Borgata online casino are currently only legal in New Jersey, West Virginia, Pennsylvania, and Michigan.

The BetMGM jackpot that has now been cracked may have set a new record in the USA, but players are used to quite different sums from online casinos in international comparison.

The main reason for this is the progressive jackpots offered by the bestsellers Mega Moolah and Mega Fortune. The record here is 24 million USD. This incredible sum was won by a player from Finland in 2013. His stake at the time: 0.20 dollars.

For BetMGM, this is already the second online record jackpot in a row. Last year, an unnamed player won an impressive USD 3.2 million on one of MGM’s Pokies.

Players Dream of Great Luck on Pokies

After the Borgata record win, a classic Pokie machine in Las Vegas showed on Thursday that players could also win millions there.

At the Golden Nugget casino, an anonymous player won nearly USD 1.2 million while spinning the Wheel of Fortune Pokie.

News like this should ensure that players dream of great luck on the Pokies.