The rise of esports gambling in australia

The Rise of Gambling on eSports

Gambling on eSports has increased dramatically in recent years. Although many people have heard this term, few know what it entails. It has nothing to do with ‘normal’ online gambling.

You can’t compare it with playing an online pokie or anything like that. For those who don’t know precisely what eSports is and how to gamble on it, here’s what we do.

To make things a little easier to understand, we’ll first cover what eSports is and then go into more detail about gambling on eSports.

What Exactly is eSports?

As most people know, eSports stands for electronic sports. It has very little to do with real sports, as eSports are played on a computer, Playstation, or another console.

However, an eSports competition is all about competition. In teams or individually, you play a particular game against another eSporter. The reason why these electronic sports have emerged in recent years is simply that online gaming has not been possible for very long.

eSports is about playing against each other online, and since gamers couldn’t do that for a long time, there were no eSports at all 10 to 15 years ago.

Tremendous Amount of Money Involved

What is clear is that there is a tremendous amount of money involved in gambling on eSports. And it’s only going to get bigger. This makes sense, as eSports will also grow in the coming years.

It is a known fact that over 1 billion people play video games nowadays, which means that one in seven people are interested in playing video games.

Now, not everyone is good enough to take part in eSports. But make no mistake: You have to put a lot of time into a game before you have a chance to become an eSporter.

Talent is Also an Essential Factor

Most global gamers are people who play a game once in a while. However, as an eSporter, you have to be constantly engaged in the game you are playing.

You can’t afford to play for a few days. You have to train like a top athlete. People who are so busy with online gaming are called professional gamers or eSporters.

Can You Make a Lot of Money as a Professional Gamer?

From the number of websites where you have the opportunity to gamble on eSports and the fact that so many millions of people play video games, it is clear why some have decided to make gaming their job.

Betting on eSports is similar to betting on regular sporting events. Both allow you to bet on professional athletes competing in major tournaments for millions of dollars in prize money.

It may surprise you, but millions of people watch such major eSports events online via live streams.

Usually, these live streams take place on streaming platforms such as Twitch and Youtube. But also in the room where the tournament takes place, thousands of people are cheering on their favorites, professional gamers.

Some TV channels have also caught on to the popularity of eSports. ESPN, for example, devotes a great deal of international coverage to various eSports games.

Nowadays, the eDivision is broadcasted on FOX Sports. This is the online competition of the popular football game FIFA.

How is Gambling on eSports Different from Regular Sports?

It is possible to gamble on eSports matches; however, it is not currently allowed in Australia. There is not much difference with gambling in regular sports when it comes to gambling.

For example, in both cases, you can bet money on the outcome of matches in different sports (games). The only significant difference is in the sports themselves.

In eSports, you play a game on a game console, and in usual sports, it’s all about physical and mental skills.

Gambling on eSports is Hot

The eSports gambling industry is a very lucrative business which is evident from the fact that there are quite a few options for betting. You can gamble with standard money, but there are also other ways of betting.

Examples include:

  • Skin betting
  • Social betting
  • Fantasy betting.

Skin betting, for example, has a huge fan base that uses virtual payment methods to buy, sell and swap items. But that is something we will discuss in more detail another time.


We cannot leave out the biggest eSports event in the world. The chances are that you have heard of the League of Legends World Championship.

This event attracts millions of people worldwide (online and in-person). In this game, you fight in teams online in a unique arena. These teams train together throughout the year and also have their coaches.

It is, therefore, very professional.