The strategy of video poker

Video Poker: Win with Tips, Tricks, and Strategy Explanations

Video poker is an automated game played on a slot machine and thus differs from the card game of poker with different rules. You want to win at video poker: how do you go about it? You are not the only one who is curious about this.

And don’t worry; you have options to minimize the risk for you as a player. You can’t reduce the risk to zero, but you can reduce it to the advantage of the casino by 0.541%.

We’ll explain how to play the pokie games online and how to play video poker. With a strategy that will help you master Jacks or Better.

With minimal downside, so you can maximize your chances of winning.

Play Jacks or Better

In any event, it’s a good idea to play Jacks or Better in video poker. It’s a game that’s easy to master, and many consider it the ‘mother of video poker.

You play the game with the 52 cards you know, for which you can calculate the probability that a particular card will come up. What’s more, if you play Jacks or Better, you can play according to a mathematical strategy.

When you play Jacks or Better video poker, you can approach the game as Blackjack. The game is structured in a predictable manner, which prevents you from being dependent on chance. Instead, you can calculate the odds of winning.

And you can figure how best to make the bet that will give you a good chance of winning to achieve the best possible RTP.

When you play Jacks or Better at video poker, you have a 99.54% chance of winning. This means that you are almost guaranteed to win unless you play too long.

The casino then has a slight advantage, making it better to quit in time.

The Best Video Poker Strategy

Wondering how to get started with a good video poker strategy when playing Jacks or Better? We’ll explain it to you using the poker hand combinations as the best way to hold them.

That way, you’ll know in advance how much chance you have of winning, so you won’t have to worry about it.

These are the poker hands in order of best value to hold:

  • Four of a kind, Straight Flush, Royal Flush
  • 4 cards to make a Royal Flush
  • 3 of the same, Straight Flush, Full House possibility
  • 4 cards of a Straight Flush
  • 2 pair
  • High pair (Jacks or Better)
  • 3 cards for a Royal Flush
  • 4 cards of a Flush
  • Low pair (tens or less)
  • 4 cards to make a straight
  • 2 high cards of the same suit
  • 3 cards of a Straight Flush
  • 2 high cards of different suits (in case of 3 high cards, take the lowest 2)
  • 2 cards of the same suit with 10-Back, 10-Queen and 10-King
  • 1 high card such as Jack, Queen, King, or Ace

Swap Everything and Hold Nothing

In the latter case, it is better to put the cards away because your chances of winning are too slim. With a set of new cards, you have a better chance of winning than continuing playing with the low cards.

If you want to play the game on automatic pilot as much as possible, this is the best strategy for playing video poker.

You avoid constantly judging for yourself whether it’s a good idea to continue playing. Instead, you know for sure that you have a good chance of winning.

Winning at Video Poker

Want to win at video poker? With the above strategies, your chances of winning are much higher. Would you rather play a different poker game?

We offer you various possibilities online by practicing with free money or playing the game for a fee, depending on what you want to start with.

However you play poker, it’s always a good idea to use a strategy. This applies to both video poker and all other poker games. And do you have a strategy in mind?

Make sure you practice it a few times. To see if you can use it and make a nice profit. So that you know for sure that you can also apply it when you play with real money, for example, when you go to Las Vegas to play poker.