There are three factors to winning at an online casino

Which Casino Game is the Easiest to Win?

Winning at the casino comes down to three things: mainly luck, skill, and strategy.

Depending on who you talk to about gambling, you will find different opinions on the concept of chance and luck.

If you ask a classical gambler, he will tell you that winning depends only on luck. But maybe, if you talk to a quantum physicist, he may point out that your thoughts influence luck (he will also tell you that trees don’t make any sounds unless they are observed – so you may think he is crazy).

Although any game can become a game of chance where luck is either friend or foe, some casino games seem more accessible for winnings than others. We will give you some tips on maximizing your chances of winning.

Games with a Low House Edge – Look for “Easy to Win” Games

The convenience with which the casino can be beaten is mathematically reduced or increased by games with a low house advantage, especially if you choose the bet according to the lowest odds. For example, it is easier to win if you bet on red or black instead of a single number in roulette.
Pick games where the casino’s advantage is relatively small, such as:

  • Single Deck Blackjack: 1.5%
  • Pai Gow Poker: 2.5%
  • Roulette: 2.5%
  • Pokies: 2 to 10% (check the games before starting).
  • Video Poker: 0.5 to 5%
  • Three Card Poker: 1.5%
  • Baccarat: 1.5%
  • Craps: 1.4%
  • Caribbean Stud Poker: 5%

Pokies – Sometimes Easy to Win but Require No Skill

When playing pokies, you need to decide how many coins you want to bet and what value to ensure that you play the online pokie at the right betting level for your budget. But, no real skill or knowledge is required for the winning spins and features. All you need to master here is to press the spin button.

Unlike more complicated table games, your chances of winning are not affected by your bet or your choices. With payout rates from around 95 percent on typical pokies, you are guaranteed a few winning spins if you play for a few minutes or longer.

A jackpot win from which you emerge with a profit or even more is a simple concept, though there can not be a guarantee every time. There are many examples of newcomers to the game who have hit progressive jackpots ranging from thousands to literal millions – some even claim to have won on their very first spins at the online casino.

Roulette – Quick Wins with Equally Significant Odds?

The classic even-money betting options in roulette, such as red and black or even and odd numbers, make a win in the casino extremely easy – the bottom line is that the odds are like a virtual coin toss, despite the built-in house advantage of zeros.

This is why there are tales of gamblers who bet everything on red or black in Las Vegas and sometimes win fabulously, but sometimes these stories end with a sob.

The potential ease of winning low odds bets in roulette is popular with frequent gamblers but should be taken with a grain of salt and only played on a strict budget.

Games of Skill – Accessible if You Know-How

Some online casino games are legitimately playable with skill and mathematical ability, especially video poker and blackjack. And if you still have hopes of getting a regular long-term advantage against the house or other players in poker, learning and improving game skills is a cinch.

A skilled video poker player can virtually neutralize the casino’s advantage. Bankroll management, poker strategy, and discipline are the aspects that make a pro.

Ways to Win Easily at the Online Casino

The simplest way to win at the casino is to reduce the house advantage through your skills – but try explaining that to the lucky millionaires. They won the huge pokie win on your very first visit to the online casino.

Pokies, scratch cards, and roulette are simple and easy games to rake in a profit without using many strategies.

However, if you want to make it easier for yourself to regularly clean up at casinos, spend your time mastering the art of poker.