This is what a croupier bothers

Five Things Every Croupier Hates

The croupier is the only one who makes his money playing and takes no risks at the gaming table. While the players risk an actual loss in every round, the croupier’s cash register rings every minute. But some behaviors drive almost every croupier up the wall. Today we want to present five things that probably every croupier hates.

A few weeks ago, we reported that more and more students are working as part-time croupiers. This naturally raises whether part-time work as a game master is stressful or whether it is possible to earn money in a relaxed way.

We also want to find out whether everyday life as a croupier is as dazzling and exciting as well-known films.

Number 1: The Imaginary Gambler

Many a croupier is sooner or later annoyed by a particular type of guest. The majority of guests in casinos are not filthy wealthy millionaires but people who want to give the impression that they are just that.

And that is precisely what bothers some croupiers.

He has to consider that the players sometimes see themselves as something better and dismiss the game master as an inferior human being.

Admittedly, this is an exception, but for sure, every croupier can remember a guest who drove him up the wall with his behavior.

Number 2: Addiction is Always Involved

Part of gambling is gambling addiction. Anyone who is regularly in the casino – croupiers are one of them – will be confronted with the topic of gambling addiction again and again. Although the casino managers must report visitors with problematic gambling behavior and not let them play, the reality will be different, at least in some casinos.

Therefore, it will be unavoidable that the croupier has to cope with other people’s gambling addiction. Even if he does everything he can to help them, he will not prevent them from gambling away (in case of doubt elsewhere).

By the way, in a recent guidebook, we asked how gambling addiction can be recognized and combated.

Number 3: One’s Working Conditions

The job as a croupier is not a family-friendly job. Because as a gaming manager in a casino, you quickly have the same problem as employees in the restaurant business – most of the work is done in the evening, at night, and on weekends. And even when the casino finally closes at night, it’s not the end of the day for the croupier.

Often they still have to settle the accounts and, if necessary, clean up. Sooner or later, a croupier’s private life also suffers. When friends meet for a cocktail or go to the club, the croupier will usually have to sit at his roulette or blackjack table.

Number 4: Croupiers Have a Role to Play

Guests in a casino generally no longer wear a dinner jacket or an elegant evening gown. The situation is different for the croupiers: They still have to dress up every evening and usually sit at the gaming tables in suits. A well-groomed appearance is significant here.

So it’s no wonder that many a croupier is sooner or later bothered by the fact that his work clothes are so strictly prescribed.

Number 5: Always the Same – Over and Over Again

Although the guests change in the casino, the game always remains the same. So over time, there is a danger that the croupier will become dissatisfied with his job.

Every evening he/she sits at the same table and watches the guests play for their money. The game’s outcome plays no role; he only deals with the cards.

Moreover, many a croupier wonders whether his activity offers added value for society and whether he is doing something good in the medium or long term.

After all, it is clear that a croupier does not help society nearly as much as, say, a nurse or a policeman.


As a croupier, you have to be mentally very resilient. You have to accept that the working hours are not very attractive from an objective point of view and that you sometimes have to watch guests fall into misfortune.

In addition, you sometimes have to put up with inappropriate behavior from players – especially if they are demanding high rollers. And sooner or later, you ask yourself what good you are doing society with your tireless efforts – or whether you are not even harming it.

There are things that every croupier hates – sooner or later.