Vaccination mandatory at crown resorts

Crown Resorts Compulsory Vaccination

The famous Crown Resorts decided today to make vaccination compulsory. Not only for its 20,000 employees. But also for its millions of visitors. Crown believes it must take a proactive stance.

They have found that encouraging vaccination is pointless, which is why they are now making it compulsory.

The board of Crown Resorts consulted various staff members and the government beforehand. Together with them, a plan was made to roll out the obligation in Sydney, Melbourne, and Perth.

Crown Resorts Obligation Implementation

It is almost certain that the obligation will apply to employees and other directly affected parties. Crown Resorts is still looking at how it will implement the obligation for customers. ‘At Crown Resorts, we want to create a safe environment for our employees and customers,’ said Steve McCann, CEO at Crown.

‘We are a significant employer in Australia. In addition to our many employees, we welcome more than 30 million visitors each year. We take all sorts of measures to protect them from all kinds of things. Protection against the Covid virus can’t be left behind.

Crown Resorts is one of the largest and most popular casinos in Australia. With locations across the country, including in Melbourne. This city is one of the largest and most popular gambling cities globally.

Employees Positive

After a survey among the employees, 60% are currently vaccinated. But from the representative sample, which also included non-vaccinated employees, almost everyone favored vaccination.

Employees will receive paid leave from three hours onwards to reinforce today’s decision. If necessary, they will also get an extra day of paid sick leave for each vaccination.

And employees who have already been vaccinated or who have been laid off during the casinos’ corona closure will receive a 50 Australian dollars gift card.

Company Reopened

Crown Resort’s decision was made on safety grounds. But it also wants to help the government reopen the airline. If the vaccination figures rise, the government can relax the measures more quickly.

We want to keep looking for ways to get our people back to work faster and easier,’ says McCann. Vaccination, compulsory if necessary, he sees as a way of reopening society and restoring the economy.

Not the First to Make Vaccination Mandatory

Crown Resorts is the first casino chain to make vaccination mandatory. But indeed not the first company to decide to do so. Companies in several countries have made similar decisions.

In Australia, the fruit and vegetable company SPC was the first on 5 August.

On 28 June, the government had already made vaccination compulsory for employees of institutions for the care of the elderly.

And in mid-August, Australian labor organizations already gave employers in specific high-risk industries permission to proceed with mandatory vaccination.

According to the Australian Labor Ombudsman, how this is done must be ‘lawful and reasonable.