We all want to beat the pokies

Maximum Bet: Increase your Chance of Beating the Pokies

Want to increase your chances of beating the pokies? You can play for hours and hours, mastering the pokie to perfection. You can spend hours and hours playing the pokies, getting to know each one so that you know exactly how to maximize your chances of winning.

Yet it can also be more manageable by choosing the right strategy and approach, which gives you a better chance of beating the pokie with a higher stake per spin.

So you can hit the jackpot and increase your winnings considerably if you watch your budget, of course, per hour or in total. So you don’t play with more than you planned, and you still have a good chance of beating the pokies.

Higher Stakes per Spin

Tip: Want to play at maximum bet right away? Many of the pokies have a max bet button. You then place the maximum bet, which means you don’t have to specify the stake you’d like to play with.

Are you playing with a higher stake per spin? Then you have the chance to win bigger prizes. For example, if you play with $1 per spin, you can win up to $750 or $7,500 on some pokies games. You need a certain number of winning symbols to do that. Of course, the chances of winning are just as high if you play with a higher stake.

For example, choose $5 per spin? Then the winnings can be as high as $75,000. That’s ten times more than you could have won with the lower stakes. While you only have to bet twice as much. Which, in the end, gives you a greater chance of winning.

Note: the highest amounts can be won on the progressive jackpot. Yet, in practice, that’s not always a good idea. You have to share the chance of winning with many other players, which makes the chance of actually beating the pokie a lot smaller.

Chance of Hitting the Jackpot

Are you playing the pokies with a jackpot? In some cases, you can only win it if you play with a minimum stake. A stake per spin, with which you unlock all the possibilities. So that you can play all the bonus games, for example, to have the best possible chance of beating the pokie.

Tip: Make sure you practice for free first. To play the games without high stakes, at least once, so you know what’s available.

Look out for the opportunity to win the jackpot, but beware of progressive pokies. You may indeed win big, but you won’t beat the pokie. It’s more likely that someone else will beat it, which unfortunately doesn’t help you in the slightest.

Instead, it’s better to play the pokies that payout individually. Sometimes with a jackpot, and sometimes with high amounts, you can win if you play with high stakes.

Budget per Hour

You want to beat the pokie machine, but unfortunately, you have to consider that you won’t always succeed. Even the best players have days when things are not going their way. And they can’t beat the machine, so they have to take their losses.

It is crucial to avoid getting carried away in the game so that the losses will be high. Instead, it is essential to establish that it is not your day quickly. For example, to stop the game in time when your hourly budget has run out.

Tip: don’t play too long in a row anyway. In the long run, the (online) casino will win in the end. So make sure you play for a shorter time to secure a nice profit.

With a budget per hour or spin, you’ll be able to beat the pokie. Because during the first few spins, you’ll make a nice profit, which you won’t give away after that. And so you can be sure that you won’t be tempted to play too long.

Which ultimately makes the pokie the one that will beat you.

Beating the Pokies: Free Practice

Want to beat the pokie machine and make sure you’ve got it down? You don’t want to spend days or weeks practicing, but there’s no harm in giving the games a try. This can be done for free, without having to make a deposit.

There are also a large number of pokies games to try and beat. Check out the popular pokies, which many of our players love to play.

And they’re getting better and better at winning them regularly like the casino pokies, which work in a slightly different way. And you’ll get better at choosing your budget per hour and playing within it at maximum bet.

That way, you have a chance of beating the pokies. With a bet that fits the budget, you want to play with. For a short time, you don’t give the casino the chance to win in the end.