What to look for in a blackjack casino

How to determine the best blackjack casino in 2022?

As a player of the blackjack game, you can go to any casino because all casinos have at least one blackjack game. However, there are significant differences in the assortment of blackjack games and in the applicability of casino bonuses for blackjack players. In this article, you’ll read more about determining the best blackjack casino based on both topics.

Range of blackjack games

The range of blackjack games can be approximately divided into two groups: digital blackjack games and live blackjack. If an online casino has blackjack games, it is the digital blackjack games anyway. However, playing with real dealers is not possible everywhere.

Digital blackjack games

Did you know that the classic blackjack (Classic) has been turned into a digital game by dozens of software providers? Online casinos collaborate with many of these software providers. So don’t be surprised to see the term Classic variant pass by several times, but different software providers. The providers Netent and Microgaming have gone the furthest in developing related variants in the digital domain, such as Double Exposure and Pontoon. At an online casino with both providers, you’ll have plenty of choices anyway.

Live Blackjack

The first live blackjack games appeared around ten years ago. Dealers stand at the blackjack table in a fake casino and are filmed continuously. Choose a table of your choice, and you take a virtual seat at that table. Ultra-sharp television cameras record all the dealer’s actions and, of course, show the cards clearly. It is the bridge between digital blackjack games and the real land-based casino.

As a blackjack lover, you naturally want to play live blackjack. It is a must that a casino has Evolution Gaming, Pragmatic Play, or Playtech as the live casino provider. These three have the best blackjack games with real dealers and many variants. Popular ones at Evolution include Infinite, Power, and Free bet. Pragmatic Play offers the traditional variants, and Playtech offers Quantum or Blitz. All three also provide VIP blackjack at a high limit and with extra privileges.

Accept or decline casino bonuses

Online casinos mainly present welcome bonuses for new casino players. On average, they are 100% on the first deposit, which immediately doubles the amount of play money. The average amount is $150, which means that a deposit higher than $150 will not lead to a higher welcome bonus. The casino bonus may lead you to disregard a specific casino.

Do you always accept the casino bonus? Then it’s advisable first to read the ‘Bonus Terms’ regarding the wagering requirement. It’s more the rule than the exception that blackjack doesn’t count towards the wagering requirement. This means that you can play blackjack, but you won’t make any progress unlocking the bonus. Nevertheless, some casinos do grant a 5% or 10% wagering rate for blackjack.

Do you always refuse casino bonuses? Then a cashback bonus might be attractive. There are far fewer bonus conditions, and losses at blackjack also lead to cashback.