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Ignition Casino Review

With the largest group of players of any foreign poker site where Americans are accepted, Ignition Casino offers a great opportunity for cash games, tournaments and “sit n go” than any other site in Australia.

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New players can get a $2,000 deposit bonus to start learning about real money gaming.

You’ll find super-fast Zone Poker, mobile poker options and a huge $2 million guarantee on tournaments every week.

How Hard is the Competition at Ignition Casino?

The success of this website has been assigned to some policies they have implemented to prevent their poker games from being invaded by professional or semi-professional grinders. This is known as the “recreational player model” and contains three parts:

  • First, there are no usernames, you play with a seat number. This prevents third-party tracking services from highlighting losing or weaker players.
  • Third-party tools such as front viewers and recommendation engines are not allowed. While some people still use them, the anonymous game deeply limits its usefulness.
  • Multi-table is restricted. You can only play four games in cash or SNG at a time (although you can play more tournaments). This means that good or winning players are not on 12 tables at a time, which makes them over-represented compared to one or two rookie tables.

These rules do a lot to keep the games easier, although the size of the site and the number of new and inexperienced players attracts several good players. The key is to make a selection of tables. There are many easy games, so if you think a table is full of grinders, just look for another one. Compared to cash games, tournaments are very easy and are a good place to start if you are new to legal US online poker.

Deposits and Withdrawals at Ignition Casino

There are two main options when it comes to running your money on Ignition. “Bitcoin” quickly becomes the option of choice for online poker fans in Australia. This has several advantages, the biggest being that it is not in the jurisdiction of banks and financial authorities that restrict deposits on gambling sites.

Setting up a wallet with “bitcoin” is very easy these days and is no longer just for people with more technical knowledge. Once set up, deposits are made instantly. You will play in dollars, and your deposit will be converted to the exchange rate at the time you make it.

The other set of deposit options includes credit cards. MasterCard, Visa and Amex are accepted. You will be making an overseas purchase with your card, most transactions are accepted the first time. But if it is blocked, you can consider a Visa prepaid card.

Withdrawals are made in bitcoin (only if you have previously deposited in bitcoin) or by paper check. There are no administrative fees for the first check each month, however additional withdrawals include a fee.

Promotions and Bonuses at Ignition Poker Casino

Ignition offers all players a 2000 AUD deposit bonus. This bonus is settled at 15 points per dollar, and can be settled in increments, with AUD 5 after 15 points, and subsequent deliveries as you reach the 400 points needed to settle in full. If you like casino games, then you can request an additional bonus of AUD 1000 for the main ones. In total there is a bonus offered of $4500!

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I would rate the poker bonus as very easy to liquidate, and promotions should help you keep your bankroll high for a long time.

Poker points are used for the loyalty scheme. At this moment, points earned in real money games can be used to buy tournament tickets. This corresponds to and includes the guarantee of USD 100,000 on Sundays, which normally costs AUD 162.

Promotions change all the time and also include special offers related to major sporting events, live poker tournament venues in Las Vegas and others in addition to weekday specials. Be sure to check out the Ignition Casino website and don’t miss out on the latest offers.

Other Ignition Casino products

There is much more to this site than a poker room, it also has pokie machines, board games and special entertainment games. Here’s the deal:

Slot machines: Ignition owns a wide variety of slot machines, from RealTime Gaming to Rival Gaming. In addition to classic slot machines, you’ll also find video slots with bonus games and crazy features. Some games also have huge jackpots.
Casino Board Games: Blackjack, roulette, casino poker and other varieties will keep table game fans entertained.
Other games: Video poker is also a popular option, along with lotto, bingo and various games with instant winnings.

Ignition Casino Poker Software Overview

The best qualifiers to describe the poker software used by Ignition Casino would be “solid and functional”. This is not the most visually appealing site, everything looks a bit old-fashioned, especially when compared to the larger global sites.

You’ll find a very simple navigation, with the four main game types at the top of the screen (cash games, Zone Poker, tournaments and sit n go). Once you select one, a line appears with boxes with different input and game options. By default, all options are checked, you can click to distil the options you don’t need, which then reduces the possibility of tables or tournaments to suit your needs.

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The tables are divided into segments with lines, you’ll see a reflector when it’s each player’s turn. There are no usernames on the tables, only seat numbers (or player numbers in tournaments).

You can download the poker client on Windows or Mac computers.

Mobile options for Ignition Poker

Mobile poker is enabled from a version that responds to the client’s browser. This works on phones and tablets (even Apple devices). At the time this review was written, only Zone Poker and cash games are available for mobiles and you can only play one table at a time.

Ignition Poker Ownership and License Information

Ignition Poker is owned by a company called Lynton Ltd and is licensed by the Kahnawake Gaming Commission in its territory within Canada. The correctness of the agreement with Ignition Casino has been independently verified by iGaming Labs.


This is one of the few good places left where Australians can enjoy online poker. There is quite a large selection of games, and enough action to keep any Aussie entertained, so we give it two thumps up, see you at the poker tables!

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